Baby Animal Game

Baby Animal Game

Creative ideas for a classic baby shower game.

Playing the Game

Each player should have 5 minutes to write their answers. The player to guess the most, baby names wins! Grab free printables and more free ideas for planning your baby shower games.

Animal Baby Names

How many baby animals do you know?




Guinea Pig–pup   



(filly, foal)

Buffalo– calf

Cat– kitten

Cow– calf

Deer– fawn

Eagle– eaglet

Elephant– calf


Goat– kid







Baby Animal Game with Charades:

Divide your guests into two teams. Each team will have a limited amount of time each round-usually up to 1 minute). The opposing team or assigned individual, will be in charge of the timer each round.

Each team will choose one player to draw a word or phrase from the hat and act it out.

No words may be spoken during this portion of the game, or the team is disqualified for that round. Actors may make gestures, motions, or any other movement that can help their teams to guess what was written on each piece of paper.

While the player is acting, their team should shout out guesses until they reach the correct answer or the timer runs out.

If a team correctly guesses the word before the timer sounds, that team gets 1 point for that round.

The opposite team takes a turn at play. This continues until all words have been guessed or until a team reaches a certain number of points. The team with the most points wins.

Another way to play

Pictionary was created in 1985 as a game that combined charades and drawing. It also makes a great baby animal game ideas!

How to play Baby Shower Pictionary

The rules are similar to charades, but players get to practice their artistic skills by drawing. You will need:

  • markers
  • large drawing pads or easels
  • timer(s)
  • playing cards

If you want to make things a bit more interesting, create new challenges. Here’s some ideas:

  • Draw a bunny with your opposite hand.
  • Draw with your eyes closed. 
  • Draw an up-side-down bunny.

The team to score the most points wins. Each team member should receive a prize.

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