Baby shower cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes are the latest rage. Cupcake  baby shower ideas are now as popular as, a classic baby shower cake!

Free recipe ideas and instructional videos that are so easy

How to throw a cupcake baby shower with tons of style

What’s so cool about cupcakes?

Many party planners claim the tiny pastries are easier to work with
and the ideas more diverse. Plus, if you make a mistake on one little
cupcake, chances are you have another dozen or more,to work with!

The decoration options seem to be endless. You don’t need to be a
pro to create your own cupcake masterpieces, you just need a little

More Baby shower Cupcake Ideas

Check out this picture of a, corn-on-the-cob cupcake from Disney  …It’s the perfect idea for a summer baby shower, 4th of July, or BBQ theme. To achieve this at home, start with a layer of frosting, then top with jelly belly beans, sugar crystals, sugar glaze, and a lightly melted Starburst candy on
top… Amazing!

Some more ideas for edible cupcake decorating: Use candy molds of ducks, or other baby shower themes.Use softened candy to create some very amazing decorations. Some good candy to work with: tootsie rolls, gummy bears,licorice, gum drops, and caramel candy… just to name a few!

What’s New Cupcake?

This book, By Karen Tack, is full of illustrations, detailed instructions, and lots, and lots of ideas for making some incredible cupcakes. Depending on your level of expertise, some of the cupcake ideas are pretty simple, while others are more complex.

You can find the book online at, your local bookstore probably offers it; or check with your local library.

More summer inspiration:Try this idea from Top ice cream cones with your cupcakes and decorate tops with swirl frosting.

Put cakes inside little tea cups, or other petite drinking cups.

Purchase or make paper cones, place cakes inside, add frosting and sprinkles. The ideas are endless….

Scoop and press (warm from the oven) cake into cone. Top with frosting and decorate!

Pull-a-Part-Cupcakes are really cool too:

These are cupcakes grouped together that look like a cake. You can also line-up your little pastries, and top them with letters to spell-out a name or message. You can make a caterpillar, a train, a rainbow…or whatever your imagination comes up with.

In addition to all the edible deco goodies there are many decoration ideas you can use for your cupcakes. Here are a few examples:

  • Pom-Pom Toppers
  • Mini Baby Embellishment

  • Wrappers and decorative liners

Cupcake stands are great, and they can be purchased at party stores, online and at most department stores. However, there’s no rule that says, “you must use a stand“.

The cupcakes can come
from a great family recipe, a box, or your local bakery. Any of these
options are suitable for your cupcake ideas. If you really want to have
baby shower cupcakes and baby shower cake-you can do that!

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