Baby shower etiquette 2

Baby shower etiquette 2 

Baby shower etiquette for guests. Tips and advice for attending baby showers. 

To go, or not, to go:

Has your presence been requested by invitation?  Is there an, RSVP with that request?  If you’ve received an invitation to attend a baby shower, be sure to check for an RSVP.  This is the host’s way of letting you know, she needs a head count.  In other words, it’s important that you respond with an answer on or before, the requested date. 

Understandably, anyone can forget to confirm or decline the invitation; but never blow-it-off.  It’s rude, and it makes more work for the hostess; since, she’s the one that will need to track you down for an answer. 

If your circumstances change either way, let the host of the baby shower know right away.  Things do, “come up,” so she’ll probably be very understanding.  She’ll also appreciate the notice.

Attending the Baby Shower

Do your very best to arrive, on time.  Have a clear understanding of the directions and location of the baby shower. Call the hostess for directions, only if you get lost. 

How not to crash the party…

Showing up to the party with, uninvited guests, isn’t very cool. This includes children. The hostess may not be prepared to accommodate  extra guests. Children can also be a distraction-even at a baby shower. The exception would be, a mom who wants to bring her newborn baby, or infant that is not yet mobil.

If, you find yourself in a bind (for example, your baby sitter cancelled), contact the hostess. Her home may be equipped for kids. It’s a good idea to ask yourself, “what are the odds my child will act-out or misbehave?”  You don’t want to be remembered as, the guest with the naughty kid!

Today, it’s not uncommon for alcohol to be served at baby showers. Don’t forget to be responsible with your consumption, and don’t drink on an empty stomach. Think of how embarrassed you would be- if you had to go home in a taxi (even though it’s a funny thought).

The etiquette for baby shower games and activities is simple. Play fair. If you’re a highly competitive individual ( I can relate), remember to check yourself, and tone it down, if necessary. There’s no, “throwing elbows” during, Pin the Diaper On the Baby! Don’t be a prize horder either. Let’s say, you’re the, baby shower game champion and you’ve won every prize the hostess has. Keep just one of the prizes, and give another guest a shot at winning.

Don’t tell mommy-to-be, birthing stories that are sad or scary.  This will only make her anxious.  It also makes you look, insensitive. Keep in mind, your pregnant friend needs lots of positive energy and words from those around her.   

Baby shower etiquette and baby gifts

The most common trivia about baby shower gifts:

“Do I still need to send a present?”

It happens to all of us.  We get a sweet invite covered with tiny, baby footprints; Next we notice, the time, date, or location won’t work for us. Maybe, we see a name, barely recognized, or a name we haven’t heard in years… 

According to, baby shower etiquette, we should send a gift. However, it’s become more common- many people do not send anything (except maybe a card). It’s a judgement call. 

TIP: If, the shower is for someone, close. Don’t skip the gift. It’s OK to wait, and deliver the baby gift in-person. In the interim, mail a warm or funny greeting card. It’s OK to send flowers or a gift basket, after the baby is born.

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