Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower gift ideas Easy to find; hard to resist! The guide to finding the best gifts for baby girls, baby boys, twins, new moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, and the shower hostess.

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  • Under $25 Super cute and very affordable gifts for a baby shower.  
  • Unusual gift The Gift of Life, on the baby shower registry?
  • Gift cards Group gifting, and how to get organized the easy way.  
  • Gift Wrap Ideas for enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts.

Award Winning Baby Shower Gifts

The cutest giraffe in the world- This baby shower gift, is a top seller with excellent reviews. He’s even had his picture taken with a few celebrity kids! This ultra-plush toy is available in sizes medium and large.

Go to the Layla Grace website to see it, and 100’s of other baby gifts. It might be hard to pick a favorite!

Gift sets and layettes are perfect for any newborn baby.  When you shop for newborn clothing, consider: quality, style, and most of all, comfort. Newborn apparel should be easy to care for, and easy to wear.

PTPA Award Winning Products: Ideas for baby shower gifts; tested, and approved by parents. 

Medley, is a necklace for moms to wear, and babies to love. It features two shapes of beads stretching three quarters of the
way around the necklace. The vibrant colors attract baby’s attention,
and the silicone is soft on their little gums. 

The Noodle & Boo Gift Set is another PTPA Award Winning Product, and one of our favorite picks too. My own children have sensitive skin, and the Noodle Boodle products are one of very few, skin care lines I trust on their delicate skin.

Give a new mom one of these gift sets for baby, and her search for the right skin care will be over. Very few of us, are ever that lucky (speaking from personal experience)! Seriously, she’ll thank you!

Here’s more about the company and a link to their web site:

Product Description:

The Noodle & Boo Newborn Favorites Gift set has everything a new baby could need for their delicate skin. Ultimate Cleansing Cloths Petal-soft cloths soaked in a mild, alcohol-free, no-rinse solution. Ultimate Ointment Creates a moisture repellent barrier between the skin and sources of irritation helping to enhance the natural healing process. Fragrance- and preservative-free. Non-allergenic and non-irritating formula. Developed for cradle cap, eczema, and diaper rash as well as cracked, ultra dry, and chapped skin… Read More

Baby shower gift ideas just for siblings

With all the excitement of a new baby, young family members
may need a little reassurance about becoming a big brother or sister. More
importantly, they need to know they are not being overlooked while the new
baby receives all those wonderful new gifts. Young children usually aren’t too
hard to please with stickers or books. My favorite idea: make or purchase a cape with a monogram or
other symbol.  They’ll feel like a big kid that’s ready to protect that new baby
brother, or baby sister.

We think anything purchased from; Frecklebox is a great gift to bring to a 2nd shower. Toddlers and big kids, simply love these gifts!

 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Uncommon Goods, is one of my favorite places to shop for unique gift ideas. They have really amazing stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is the best, Baby Bodysuit: Featuring a vintage typewriter-the words on the page… So My Story Begins. What a cute baby shower gift for a boy, or a girl! They have cool toys, clothes, nursery art and a lot more.

Unusual Baby Shower Gift 

Dedicate a Day to the new baby, grandparent, godmother, godfather, sibling, or anyone special in baby’s life. has great baby shower gift ideas. The concept is much like, naming a star or planter for a loved one. The registry can be recorded by State, Country, or Worldwide. These are some of the suggested occasions from their web page:

The Baby bouncy-seat to buy

best baby gift

Read more about the Infant to Toddler Seat, and our other favorite gift ideas. You can also visit our Fisher Price affiliate store by clicking the FP button> 

Fisher Price

How to select the perfect gift basket

For mom, dad, siblings and grandparents:

Gift baskets are hugely popular. There are great ideas for baby boys, girls, and twins. There are also great ideas for parents, older siblings and grandparents. A baby shower gift basket, for the adults, doesn’t have to be an, entire “baby shower theme.” Wine and/or gourmet baskets are also great selections. Read more about baby basket gift ideas.

There are even funny gag gifts that can be part of a great baby basket (usually for the men in baby’s life). Other
baby shower gift ideas for new dads: Daddy diaper bag, or a baby journal-just for dads. Tech- gadgets like, video-baby-monitors or tiny camcorders- will have new father’s talking.

Mom-to-be, will appreciate something that’s just for her; or any gift that will simplify her life after her newborn arrives – here are some baby shower gift ideas just for mom-to-be.

Grandparents will be delighted with an overnight bag for
their new grandchild. Buy the baby essentials needed for a night or weekend with grandma and grandpa, then present your gifts in a tote bag,
diaper bag, or a cute, overnight bag.

All new grandparents need a baby photo album (or brag book-as they are affectionately called) A grandparents’ journal is a great way to keep track of precious memories. You can also give a new grandparent a baby textbook-just in case they want to brush up on baby care.

How to choose the right registry gifts

  • Buy the exact item listed. This is especially important for
    baby gear. There are number codes listed on every item-they should match the
    codes on the registry list. Always pay close attention to the size, color and
    quantity requested.

  • Make sure the items are removed from the wish-list/registry.
  • If you are shopping on line for your gift; check “yes”, if
    you are prompted to answer- “is this a gift” check “yes.” If time is of the essence, have the gift
    shipped directly to the recipient, rather than to you.
  • Don’t split-up a set. Buy the complete set that’s been
  • Get a gift receipt, just in case the gift needs to be
    returned or exchanged.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins

Do you have to buy two of everything? Yes and no. If you buy an outfit, baby blanket, or certain baby toys, you should get one for each twin. On the other hand, it’s OK to buy one bouncer, one car seat, or other big ticket items. There’s always a chance, another friend or family member will buy the second baby swing, e.t.c. 

Infant Sweater from: Layla Grayce.  Baby Stroller from:

Group Gift ideas

Planning a group gift for expected twins, or single births… and the big ticket items (like strollers, car seats, and highchairs) will be much appreciated by the new parents. You can use a website  specific to organizing and processing group gifts. You can collaborate on ideas from the gift registry. Group gift cards, and gift certificates are also a great baby gift idea is a gift website will help your group organize funds, purchase the gift online and even ship if for you., will help with collecting group funds needed to organize and purchase a personalized or pre-designed, baby gift card.

Deciding on the best baby shower gift ideas, involves good judgment
on your part.

For example, if you’re torn between registry gifts, or buying the
ultra cute, “princess dress-every newborn should have”- buy both.  

Baby shower gift ideas: What not to bring to the party…

  • Baby tee’s or onesies with tasteless graphics or content (yes people really make these).

  • Maternity clothes for mommy, unless she has requested them.
  • Second hand toys that aren’t safe. Sharp edges and plastic made with BPA are a big- NO.

  • Books or other items for ” Losing the Baby Weight”.

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