Baby Shower Sports Theme

Baby Shower Sports Theme

Plan a baby shower sports theme that’s perfect for a, Little All
Star, or a Little Slugger. Referee a baby shower game or two; add some cake and ice cream- now you have a real party. Sports have never looked so cute!

baby shower sports theme

Download this free baby shower invitation; use it as a flat, or bi-fold card. Other invitations wording and theme ideas- 

  • “Let’s welcome the team’s newest member”
  • “Mommy-to-be is in the home stretch”
  • “She’s reached the last inning”
  • “Cutest Little Rookie”
  • “The game is tied” (twins theme)

Baby shower invites for boys and girls

When both new parents are sports enthusiasts, and they’re expecting a baby girl, pink is still an option. You can find these cute basketball, “point gaurd” invitations at:  They start around $2.15 each; of course, the more you order, the less the cost per card.

baby shower sports theme girls has a boutique-style when it comes to their, baby shower line.  All of the cards on this site are hard to resist-choosing is never easy! These, “Slugger” invitations start around $3.00 per card, and that also includes some great options for decorative envelope liners and name labels too. 

baby shower sports theme vintage

The Big dot of Happiness website is an awesome stop if you are looking for baby shower invitations or decor that is bold, colorful  and reasonably priced. They have every supply you need for a Grand Slam, baby shower sports theme!

Baby shower decorations

You won’t have any trouble finding, bats, hockey pucks, footballs and more. Balloons, pendent banners, and cake toppers can be found online, in party stores, or made by you!

Centerpieces, favors, and table ware are certainly enough to give this party what it needs. Mix and match your decorating ideas, or buy a ready made baby shower deluxe kit.

We love this adorable idea from a previous baby shower sports theme: Purchase a new tiny mitt/baseball glove ( you can give it as a new baby gift after the shower). Use wooden block letters to spell, baby’s name, mommy’s name or just the word baby. Nest the blocks inside the mitt with the letters facing out.  It’s a simple and cute way to make your own center piece.

For a Home Run centerpiece, use diaper cakes, cupcakes, baby shower cakes, and newborn gift baskets 

For “daddys little girl” custom order, sports hair clips. The perfect solution for baby-fine hair!

baby shower sports theme baby girls

One of the simplest baby shower cakes you can make for a little slugger is, a baseball cake. Use a 9 inch round pan to bake your cake. Once it’s cooled decorate it with, white frosting or fondant. Use red piping or string licorice for the threads of the ball.

baby shower sports theme

Of course, there are many different types of sports to love.  This gorgeous baby shower golf theme is from them Celebrations at Home, blog. If you want to read more about it, please see our source links and information at the bottom of our page.

Baby shower sports theme games

Hand out
raffle tickets to guests for bringing diapers and other baby items. You can
hand out tickets per every 1, 2, or 3, gifts each guest brings. Disposable or cloth diapers, onesies, bibs, burp
cloths, booties, bottles, rattles, and more. Have guests write their names on the tickets and
collect them. Draw tickets, read the winners aloud, and hand out game prizes accordingly. Read more ideas on raffle game tickets, and door prizes. Big Dot of Happiness and, our baby shower store, are another source.

You could also play spots trivia, or other group games. If you have a large chalkboard, use it to keep score of each team. Scratch cards, and ball tosses are another way to have fun with a sports theme.  If you host your shower outside, you can play games with water balloons, basket ball hoops, footballs, or whatever else comes to mind. Co-ed parties are also a great time for a game of volley ball, horse shoes, skeeter ball, or bad-mitten. Just make sure mom-to-be, sits on the sidelines for any games that are strenuos!

baby shower game

My water broke is a fun  game, especially for co-ed baby showers.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • One package of water balloons.
  • One-two packages of tiny baby favors.
  • Baby oil
  • Two large plastic tubs. 

Here’s how to play:

Fill 24 water balloons with water, put a plastic baby favor in each balloon.

Place balloons inside a small garbage. Drizzle a very small amount of baby oil over the balloons (just enough to coat them).

Divide guests into two teams. Each member of the team should try to get their balloon into the target(plastic tub) by tossing it as far as they can.

The team with the most broken balloons, and plastic babies in the tub- wins.

*Adjust supplies according the number of guests expected to play the game.

free baby shower bigo

Print this free baby shower bingo game. Use candy Kisses or other small party favors in place of board chips

Need more ideas?  Our partner sites have great party games too! You can also view our full page of baby shower game ideas.

Baby shower sports theme menu

You can plan a back-yard BBQ, a cook-out in a park, or a tail-gating menu right at home.  Think of some of the fun apps and foods that are served at Super-bowl parties. You can serve, hot or cold salads, sandwiches, veggie, and fruit platters. This baby shower theme is the right venue for a pizza party too.

If the shower is for a boy, blue punch, or other blue refreshments can be served. Gatorade, Kool-aide mixes, and food coloring are easy ways to do this.

Pink lemonade, pink punch, and any other pink drinks are great for baby girl parties.

As with any other baby shower theme, it’s acceptable to serve alcoholic beverages, just don’t serve too much to yourself during the party.  What you do when the shower is over, is totally up to you!

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