Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby Shower Theme Ideas:

Baby Shower Theme Ideas; Unique, creative, modern, fun, and just plain cute…get ideas for baby girls, baby boys, twin’s, plus moms and dads. Plan a baby shower with, Winnie the Pooh, Princesses, Little Monkeys, or classic baby books too! 

If this is a second baby shower for mom-to be, a “Welcome Party” a Sip and See or a sophisticated tea party are great themes to plan. 

Theme for Girls

 Themes for Boys

Princess Theme

Butterfly Theme

Jungle Theme

Diaper Baby Shower

Rubber Ducky Theme

Classic Pooh Baby Shower

Baby Book Shower

Vintage Baby Shower

Sports Baby Shower

Twins Baby Shower

Gender Reveal Themes

Our Favorite Themes

Halloween Baby Shower

Valentine Baby Shower

Sweet little Cupcake

Coed Baby Shower

More Baby Shower Themes

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Green and Eco Friendly baby shower ideas, is a great theme

Christmas and other
Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Do you need to plan a Baby Shower close to a Holiday? Are you worried about the timing?  For some of us, this might be a
great time to throw a party for the expected parents. Friends and
family are already in the spirit of gathering- the timing just may be perfect.

For others, it may be a major inconvenience!  It’s just one of those ideas you should run past mom-to-be, before you start making your guest list.

TIP: If, you decide on an adult theme, make sure your invitation still reads; Baby Shower, somewhere in the title.

Birthstone Guide:

January: Garnet •February: Amethyst •March: Aquamarine

•April: Diamond •May: Emerald •June: Pearl

•July: Ruby •August: Peridot •September: Sapphire

•October: Opal •November: Citrine •December: Blue Topaz

Hosting a party themed, for baby’s Birth-MONTH, will work for
either gender. For example: If a baby is born in April, the party theme
could be, Spring. Planning an Autumn theme for a baby born in late
September, is another example.

Of course, the birth sign of the child is another option for a
fun and unique Baby Shower Theme. Not all babies are born on their due
dates, in fact, few are. Some are born earlier, and some are born later.
So,that August Baby, may end up being a July Baby!

Bottom line; if you want to plan a shower theme around baby’s
birth month, it might be best to host a Welcome Party.Keep in mind, the
choice, is up to mom-to-be. Most new mom’s are wishing for their Baby
Shower, while they’re still pregnant.

Baby shower theme
ideas for the grown-ups:

  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Beach Party
  • Destination Party
  • Favorite Places
  • Dinner Party
  • Career Party

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