Best Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Best Baby Shower Theme Ideas

The best baby shower theme ideas that are, cute-as-a-button; and wild as a Safiari.  Explore some incredible, creative, and the best baby shower ideas we’ve found (so far)!

The shower themes we’ve posted for this page:

  • Baby shower ducky theme
  • Safari themes 
  • Little baby princess
  • Baby book shower theme
  • Sports themes 
  • Cool ideas for a Baby Boy theme 
  • Pooh Baby Shower

Jungle Baby Shower Idea

To find lots of roaring-good ideas for planning and hosting see our:  Safari Baby Shower Theme

Throw a safari baby shower for a boy or a girl. It’s easy to get creative and unique with so many cute baby animals. Lions, monkeys, giraffes, zebra, elephants, and hippos are the most popular of, critters for this theme.

Queen of the Jungle, and pink Safari baby showers for girls are really adorable!

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Another baby shower theme that’s perfect for both genders. We have a collaboration of ideas that, we hope you’ll enjoy. Get tons of free tips, free printable downloads, recipes, and where to buy the supplies, crafts, party favors, baby gifts and more! Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Baby shower themes, can stretch the imagination more than ever. Contemporary themes go way past teddy bears, and pink bows.  However, classic baby themes haven’t lost their luster with new moms.

Baby Princess Shower Theme

The ultimate in baby shower themes for girls! Princess and Fairy Tail Themes work well together, or alone. Lots of pink and glitter is where you want to start with both themes!  

Boy, oh Boy!

If you’re planning a boy theme, there are no shortages of ideas for him either! Some of the best baby shower theme ideas we’ve seen: Nautical themes, Little Prince, baby shower sports themes, and New-Little-Man. We also have lots of free printables for baby boys.

The Book Theme Baby Shower

What an intelligent and super cute idea for throwing the baby shower. It’s the perfect style for either gender, and we also love this idea for twins.  Plan a vintage baby book theme, classic, or mod & trendy.  We’ll show you some of the ideas we love, and where you can find them!

Baby shower ideas that are:
Up-Up and Away

Winnie the Pooh is by far, the most famous of all, character themed baby showers.  Baby shower ideas and that silly ol’ bear just go together. has such a cute baby shower theme on their blog; they call it, “Shake, Rattle and Roll.”  It’s one of the cutest themes, we’ve found!

This “Baby Shower” theme idea can be found on the Lisa Storms blog. The decorations are fun, charming, and uncomplicated enough to be handmade.

Here’s a definite favorite from:, It’s worth it to take a moment, and see the blog this adorable, clothes-line baby shower!  It’s simple elegance will charm any mom-to-be. 

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