Coed baby shower

Coed Baby Shower

Plan a Coed Baby Shower-(Jack and Jill Shower or Couples Baby Shower) that Dad and his friends will really like. Just think, “fun” and you will be able to throw a very successful baby bash!

Bottoms-up and chug-chug! Set the tone of your party with this very funny, and entertaining activity…

Kicking things off…

Grown ups drinking from a  baby bottle! Such a fun game for, a couples baby shower…

Fill bottles with your beverage of choice (yes-beer is fine) and get ready for a real chugging contest. Of course, the playing who finishes  his or her bottle first is the winner! It’s the perfect co-ed baby shower game! Want to make it even more memorable?  Read more about it on our affiliates website.

Coed Baby Showers aren’t new. They are actually how baby showers were intended to be. Rather than being a new trend, it’s more like, “history
repeating itself!”
Dads want to be part of the experience. They’re excited and
nervous about the arrival of their new baby too.

Many men are involved in the prenatal care and delivery of
their baby as well. A co-ed party is actually a very natural fit.

A coed baby shower allows the opportunity for mom and dad to have
their loved ones join in the celebrated anticipation of their new baby.

Invitation that fit him too

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The party will be a bit different than that of a ladies

Starting with the invitations– choose invites that are toned
down on the cute baby themes. Check on line for “couples baby shower invites”
if you need ideas. Tiny Prints, is the
first shop I would recommend. The theme should be neutral or something that
both parents will enjoy.

Are you planning an early autumn party, or the date
lands on a Sunday during football season (October through to January)? You may
have a theme idea to work with. There are lots of couples who are football
enthusiasts. Be sure to plan the shower around the game schedule, or have a
football party with door prizes followed by a gift opening.

Of course, you will clear the date and time with the guest
of honor(s).

Other autumn ideas are Halloween or costume parties. The
Fall season can be a theme all in itself.
Nature is full of natural décor that will make a very festive backdrop
for you baby party.

Some other ideas for a co ed shower:

Dinner Party,




Pizza Party,

Beach Party,

Christmas, New Year’s Party,

May Day,

St. Patricks Day,

Casino Night,

Trivia or Game Night (with one or two coed games mixed in).

Baby shower favors or any party gifts should be neutral,
this doesn’t mean they need to lack class. Bath beads and lip gloss are better
saved for the girls. Of course, you
could do gender specific goodies for guests to bring home.

Gag gifts are often popular at co ed parties. A gag gift can
be a funny book about new dads, a tool box complete with gloves and mask for changing baby’s diaper.

It’s also a good idea to think of some useful gifts that
dad-to-be will truly appreciate. There are lots of products on the market that
are geared toward new dads.

Along with stroller, carriers, and diaper bags; here’s a
wonderful and creative idea:

A survival pack, or hospital bag. Mommy isn’t the only one who will be spending
lots of time at the hospital. Dad will probably
spend most of his waking hours there. In some cases he may even need to spend a
night or two with mommy and baby.

He’ll be so grateful to have a pre-packed bag that contains
all the essentials he needs. Along with
all the necessary toiletries, include a tee shirt and a disposable camera.

When you decorate for your coed baby shower

It’s a very nice touch to have pictures of dad displayed
around the room where the baby shower is held.
These pictures can be of dad as a baby, or toddler. Pictures of the couple’s wedding day or other
cherished memories. Photographs of family members and close friends are
appropriate and entertaining to display.

A coed baby shower can be just as fun and successful as a Ladies Shower. Just remember to keep dad in mind as you plan and host your event. However, mom-to-be should not be over-shadowed, and her tastes must be incorporated into the theme, decor and menu.

The lucky couple is sure to have wonderful memories of their shower; especially because, they were able to do it together.

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