Cool Baby Shower Gifts

Cool baby shower gifts

Looking for cool baby shower gifts?  We’ve been looking too… here are some great gift suggestions…from a few great baby stores!

Cool pacifiers make cool baby gifts

From personalize one of your own!

Cool retro baby gifts

Do you remember this fun little toy from Fisher Price?  I love that FP has brought back many of their classics toys for a whole new generation to enjoy! 

cool baby shower gifts toys

For over 10 years, Fat Brain Toys has been delivering toys that entertain and educate children. I frequent this site for my own children’s gifts. They have really cool stuff for babies and newborns too!

Best Ever Baby Mat

That’s really the name of this cool and useful baby gift. The mat can be used for, ”tummy-time”, play time and nap time. The only downside- this baby bear sell out fast. You may have to go on a wait list; so shop early!

Trendy baby clothing  

Universally Beautiful baby suit.  The word, “beautiful” appears as for separate languages on the front of this long-sleeve garment.

Get the links and shop the ten very best online baby gift stores!

Free newborn baby gift that’s really cool

cool baby shower gift from the president

From the President of the United States…Did you know the President of the United States will send a congratulatory letter to new parents?

This gift will make a wonderful keepsake that’s like no other! The request must be made within one year of the baby’s birth, and only after the baby is born-not before.

Dear Mr. President,

It would be an honor for us to receive acknowledgment from the White House recognizing the birth of [Name of baby and date of birth and home address].

Since this Presidential Congratulations is intended as a gift and surprise for [New parents names and address] I wish to have the letter sent directly to me at: [Your full name and address].   I greatly appreciate your time. I look forward to presenting this wonderful gift to the new parents.


[Sign your first and last name]

Here’s the info you should include when you are asking for the letter:

  • The full name and address of the newborn baby.
  • Date baby was born(month, day, year).
  • Your full name and contact information.
  • Full names and address of the new parents

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You won’t find this unusual baby shower gift in a store

It’s one of the latest ideas for new baby gifts. You can follow our link to read more about private cord blood banking, how it works, and why new parents are creating gift registries specific to this new baby trend- it’s pretty interesting stuff! Would you register for this gift?

Make your own cool baby
shower gift 

Check out easy ways to make your own, cool baby shower gifts!

Don’t want to make your own baby gifts, but still think handmade is cool?, are the original makers of baby-clothing bouquets. You can also find them at our affiliate baby shower shops

Here is an amazing handmade gift set from the Etsy website: If you want to make a baby shower gift- try a craft idea that’s easy and affordable. It’s a great gift for twins, baby girls, baby boys, and it’s perfect for a gender-neutral showers .

How to make your own cool baby shower gifts:

Start by purchasing the following supplies:

  • Large plastic Salo cups
  • Bendable straws, or silly straws
  • Receiving blankets-you can use solid colors, patterns, or both!
  • Red pom-poms, beads, marbles, or rubber balls
  • Embellishments to decorate the cups-satin ribbon, pacifier holders, and pacifiers work very well

Assemble your gift

  • Double fold baby blankets into flat rectangles, the folds should be approximately the same height as plastic cups.
  • Roll blanket into a snug cylinder shape that is the approximate circumference of plastic cups.Secure with double-sided tape, if desired.
  • Gently pull the center of rolled blanket in an upward direction, this will create a swirled effect. Neatly stuff baby blanket into cup.
  • Finish by decorating with embellishments and straws

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Top baby shower gift picks

Cool gifts for mom  dad  siblings

Don’t be afraid to get creative and make variations of this idea. You can use bibs, socks, burp clothes, and more to make some cool baby shower gifts.

Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower

baby shower paper flowers