Creative baby shower games

Creative Baby Shower Games

Creative baby shower games and ideas your guests will love playing. Create great memories: Successful parties can happen out of one good idea, game, or activity!

Fun and simple can go together…

Baby Shower Derby!

Fun and easy to play. Funny trivia questions that are surprising. It’s a creative game that can be played with co-eds too.

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Creative baby shower games don’t have to be complicated, and you can DIY.

Use some of these great ideas to add some fun to your party.

This game works well for anyone. Plus, when guests are either meeting for the first time or they are not well acquainted; it’s a great ice breaker.


Guests get to answer some fun questions about themselves, while getting to know each other a little better.

1). Who traveled the furthest distance by car to attend the baby shower? Who traveled the shortest distance?

2). Who is from another state?

3). Who is related to mom-to-be?

4). Who has the youngest child? Who has the oldest child? Who has twins?

5). Who is recently engaged or married?

6). Who has been married the longest?

7). Who has a new job, promotion, or recent degree/diploma?

8). Who has an unusual item in their purse?

9). Who has an unusual pet?

10). Who has recently traveled to another country?

11). Who has met a famous person or celebrity?

12). Who has the most unusual job or career?

13). Who wore a bright pair of socks or underwear?

14). Who has the most keys on their key ring?

15). Who has the most children, and or, grandchildren?

16). Who is single?

17). Who is a childhood friend of mom-to-be?

18). Who is a co-worker of mom-to-be?

19). Who had Cheerios for breakfast?

20. Who has an unusual hobby?

The above, are sample questions. You can ask your own, of course.

Try to keep questions fairly simple and light.

To determine a
winner, have mom-to-be pick a number from 1-20. If mom chooses #10, the
guest who has an answer to question #10, is the winner.

Creative Baby Shower Games

This game is another easy way to break the ice.


Create a list of 10 items you might find in a woman’s purse. Make the item descriptions specific. For example:

  • Red Lipstick.
  • Wallet with stripes.

  • Receipt from a particular store.

The guest with the most matched items to the list, is declared the winner.

Creative baby shower games that work well with single or co-ed parties.

This is another great Ice Breaker AND so simple…Who has the heaviest purse? Or who has the strangest item in their purse? For coed parties, change purse to pockets or billfold. Guys can carry some strange things too!

Wondering what games to choose, prizes to give, or player guidelines to follow? find advice and answers you need

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