Creative baby shower idea

Creative baby shower idea

A Creative baby shower idea moms are sure to love.

Bump Silhouette

creative baby shower ideas art bumps

Can you see the hills are actually an outline of a pregnant woman?

Make a piece of nursery art that capture’s the essence of mom’s pregnancy.

What you need:

  • Pencil
  • White canvas, or paint board
  • Art supplies; such as, acrylic paint
  • Embellishments

How to Make Baby Bump Art:

  • Position canvas on the wall so it’s level with moms torso
  • Mom-to-be, should stand in front of the canvas faced left or right.
  • You, a co-host, or another guest, should trace the silhouette of mommy’s torso. If the shower is co-ed, ask the new dad to do the honors.
  • After the silhouette has been traced decorate, and or paint the canvas.

TIP:You can use a light source to cast the shadow of the baby bump onto canvas. Dad or another guest can trace an outline of the shadow.

Ideas for decorating your canvas

  • Is there an artist in the group? Ask them to use their talent to make the canvas beautiful.
  • If you do send the canvas home with an artistic friend, be sure to make arrangements to have it picked up and delivered to mom-to-be.

  • Have all the guests sign the canvas.
  • Turn the belly bump into nursery art.

More Baby Shower Activities…

  • Make and decorate a mold of Mommy’s tummy. Proud Body has really cool kits with every thing you need!

Creative Baby Shower Idea:

Baby Time Capsule

  • Include a request in your invitation that guest’s bring a small item to donate to a baby time capsule. Items can include,
  • Letter written to baby
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Photos
  • Pair of Newborn Socks
  • CD with current popular songs
  • Birth Scroll
  • Significant object that represents, the present time.
  • Instruct guests to include their name with their donation.
  • Provide envelopes for any small or loose objects that guest’s may bring.
  • Place contents in a decorative box or container and close it up. Instruct mom to keep the capsule closed and gift it to her child on his/hers eighteenth birthday.

Example of request to be included with invitation:

A Moment in Time

We are excited over the Time Capsule that will be built at Lora’s baby shower. Please bring something small, that you would like to contribute to the Capsule (include a short list of suggestions).

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