Cupcake Baby Shower

Cupcake baby Shower theme

Cupcake baby shower ideas that are easy and delicious.  How can anyone top that? 

Cupcakes are one of the cutest, and most diverse themes for a baby shower. Get inspired to host a party that’s too sweet to be forgotten!

Yes, it’s a cupcake! Try this incredibly clever, flower cupcake that, will absolutely amaze everyone. Here’s what you do:

  • Purchase mini-terracotta pots at a local nursery or craft store (check your dollar stores too).
  • Wash and dry pots.  Remove any labels or stickers from pots.
  • Drop foil cupcake liners into each pot and fill with batter (from the box is fine-and easy).
  • Bake according to directions (plus an extra 5 minutes).
  • Decorate with frosting and flowers (flowers can be edible or otherwise).

Turn cupcake liners into impressive
baby shower flower decorations

The Supplies you need:

  • Colorful cupcake liners, regular and mini size
  • Little embellishments; buttons, stickers, felt circles, or scrap paper work really well.
  • Pliable or floral wire for stems
  • Quick-set glue, or hot glue 

How to make the flowers

  • Layer small cupcake liners over, large liners.
  • Use wire to pierce a hole through the (back-side), center of liners. 
  • Bend wire 1/4 inch, add a bead of glue and cover with embellishment or scrap paper.
  • Glue a second, large cupcake liner to the back of the flower (this will cover-up the wire for a cleaner look).

Photo and inspiration from Martha Stewart!

Pinning pinwheels on your cupcakes

Baby shower ABC’s! P is for perfect and for paper, and for pinwheel! This technique is from our, associated website at: 

You can read more about it and get the full, “how to” on the p.s blog…

Our suggestions for really easy ideas that are really, “wow” ideas

Cupcake Sweet Treat Baby Shower Favors

These cute cupcake favors are from Beau-Coup Baby Shower Store; and they are absolutely adorable! This is the perfect way to decorate table tops, gift tables and more. Plus, you’ve got the ideal gift to send home with each guest. Another duel party favor everybody will love is, this everyday household necessity, turned into a creative gift package.  

Are you thinking about making your own towel treats?  They’re not difficult. You can even purchase embellishments, paper wrappers, silicone cups and little, cupcake baby shower boxes.  You’re going to look like a party-planning pro, by the time you’ve finished. 

Personalized Gift Tags

Gift tags can turn a drab idea, into a fab idea. You can customize any label or tag found in our shops. What else can you do?  Try this simple idea: Fill glass jars with all the dry ingredients needed for making a batch of homemade cupcakes. You can layer the ingredients for a stunning display- or mix it all together.

Quick TIP: Using a funnel to fill your jars; it’s much easier and faster.

Edible Baby Shower Treat Favors

If you would rather use your talent to make something tasty, that’s easy too.  These cupcake rattles from Betty Crocker, will take a little time and patience; but they’re simple to create!  Get the, “how to” and the list of what’s needed for this, really fun baby shower idea.

The ultimate cuteness for centerpiece ideas 

baby shower cupcake ideas

The baby shower isn’t complete without one.  Cupcake stands are the obvious choice. There are basically two types: disposable and reusable; they can be purchased or easily made at home.

If you would like to keep your lovely centerpiece intact, simply serve sheet cake for dessert. Your pretty cupcakes can be packaged in attractive favor bags and sent home with each guest as a, party favor “thank you.”

One of my favorite ideas is from This centerpiece is a cupcake baby shower gift filled with lots of great stuff for a new baby!  The contents of the gift are wrapped in a baby blanket, which forms the top of this centerpiece.

Go a step further and repeat the process with baby washcloths. Fill each washcloth with baby socks, tie with ribbon. Place into silicone baking cups with the tied-side-down. Use glue dots, or double sided tape to add a faux cherry on top!

If you want to make it into a, cupcake baby shower favor, use adult washcloths filled with bath salts, decorative soaps, candles, or candy.

Quick TIP: Double layer tissue paper will work for this idea too.

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Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower

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