Diaper baby shower theme

Diaper Baby Shower Theme

Diaper Baby Shower Theme- find ideas for your baby party. Host a diaper raffle, play a messy diaper game. Make, print, or find cute baby shower invitations, that match the theme of the shower.

Advice notes, and thank you cards can also be made or purchased in the shape of, little diapers. Feel free to download our diaper template too.

Planning the diaper raffle

When making the invitation, include an excerpt about the diaper raffle and door prize.



Bring diapers—For a Chance to WIN!!! Bring a package of diapers(size 2 and up) to enter yourself into the raffle.The door prize is a 50.00 gift card to…xyz store.

TIP: Provide a signup sheet for guests who bring diapers. Use this list to for your raffle drawing. Mom-to-be will also want to add an extra word of thanks, in her thank you cards for, guests that bring diapers.

  • Be sure guests understand the diaper raffle is optional, and they are not required to bring diapers to the baby shower.

The prize could be a $50 dollar (or more) gift card to a popular store, a basket of luxurious body products, a massage, dinner for two…Just as long as, it’s a big prize.

Add a specific brand of diapers to the invite, if necessary.

TIP: For cloth diapers, be specific and detailed about the type of cloth diapers or diaper covers, guests should bring.

If mom-to-be is looking for bleach free/chemical free diapers, both Earths Best and The Honest Company make an awesome earth-friendly, disposable diaper. My own daughter wears them.

TIP: Encourage guests to bring diapers that are size 1 & 2 or up. This will be better for mommy in the long run. Newborns quickly outgrow their small diapers.

Baby Raffle Tickets – Baby Shower Game – $6.99

from: Big Dot of Happiness

More ideas for a diaper baby shower theme

Frame a few invites and make a, cute art grouping. Use them for, baby shower decor, and a creative baby gift for the guest of honor.

Be unique with your gift wrapping, use a diaper to wrap your baby gift or party favors.

Play a diaper game a great fit for a diaper baby shower theme-of course! Find more baby shower games.

Top cupcakes with cute little diaper shapes, or make a cake shaped like a diaper. If you are familiar with pull-apart cakes, shaping an edible diaper is very easy.

Pull- apart cakes are just cupcakes arranged into a certain shape, and covered with a heavy layer of frosting to give the appearance of a full-size cake.

The color scheme for this shower can be just about anything. You can also get inspired from, mom and dads chosen nursery colors.

Play the diaper theme into the menu. It’s best to be subtle and tasteful with this idea. Maybe you want to serve a yellow punch, or a platter of chocolate mini cupcakes, or chocolate cake poppers (sometimes called poopers with the diaper theme)! 

A great centerpiece idea, is the obvious, diaper cake. A diaper caddy is a great option too. You can fill the caddy with essentials, clothing, or bathing basics. You can even add a bouquet of real flowers or a bouquet of baby sock roses.

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