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Clipart for baby shower planning and creative ideas 

We created several sections of our website, to help get around some
of the headaches and hang ups of the online- clip art world.

Shower planners commonly search, pregnancy clip art, crawling babies,
baby rattles, baby bottles, and diaper pin- clip art. Don’t worry if
your baby shower theme is outside the common scope; what ever your
theme, you’re sure to find an image that’s perfect.

Images of zoo, and safari animals are popular and either theme works for
a baby girl or a baby boy. There are tons of great options for
giraffes, hippos, monkey’s, lions, and more. Pregnancy clip art,
crawling babies, humorous baby clips are also well liked.

Sorting through web sites and thousands of images on the quest for the perfect baby shower images can take hours. Especially when you are trying to find inexpensive or free graphics. It’s common to run into lengthy registration forms and advertising.

We did our best to bring you websites that are easy to use and not cluttered with spam or over selling.

Do you need images and ideas for a baby girl‘s shower? There’s a lot you can do with the a little creativity and the right software. You can download free programs such as GIMP, Pixlr, and Draw Plus. PicMonkey-(editing made of win), is an online program that is very easy to use, no downloading and- it’s also free.

Places to find images:

Royalty Free Images

This is a sample from Dreamstime. Once you purchase the image, the water-mark will be removed.

This image was used for a second baby shower invitation. You know what they say,”a picture is worth a thousand words!” has tons of digital clip art, Vector, and illustrations. The prices are great too. The site takes a little time to navigate, but it’s worth the effort. is another great option. This site is a staple for on line images has lots of free digital pictures, many that are public downloads, but there are thousands of other options on the site you may like.

123RF Has options to purchase credits so you can down load their images. The prices are reasonable and they have really cute stuff.

TIP: The watermarks/branding imprints you see on some digital clip art will be automatically removed after you purchase the image.

Here’s the page to connect with for free images and free ideas There are some great tips to help you with printing your downloads.

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