DIY decorating

DIY Decorating

DIY decorating: Need amazing baby shower ideas? See the best party designs from around the web, plus a few of our, easy DIY ideas.

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Make your own flower garland to match your theme. Garland can be hung from lights, ceilings, mantles, tables, and more.

How to make it: Purchase fabric Gerber Daisy’s from a craft store. If you have a local dollar store, buy your flowers there.

Separate your flower heads from their stems. With a heavy gauge needle and heavy thread such as, bead string, or fishing line- string the flowers together by running your needle and string through the back of each one. You can space the flowers close together, or leave a space of 1-2 inches, between each one.

After you have completed your string of flowers, tie each end off and hang garland in your favorite spot. You can use paper cut-outs, pine cones, fabric leaves, beads, plastic snow flakes or any other creative idea you can think of.

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Baby Rain Boots Centerpiece:

Fill vases or jars with water and place inside rain boots, add fresh flowers, or greenery. TIP: Silk flower are pretty, and easy to manage when you’re crunched for time.

Clear plastic, or glass baby bottles are the ideal flower vases at any baby shower.  It’s a lovely decoration AND it’s so easy! You can see an example here.

Make these easy napkin rings for your party.

Make these easy napkin rings for your party.

  • Use approx. 5 inches of ribbon (1” wide).
  • Heat seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent
  • Use hot glue to adhere ribbon ends together.
  • Add an embellishment, allow glue to dry, and
    slip over napkin.

DIY Decorating with clip art: Download cute baby shower graphics, or other web graphics to your PC. From the images, create banners, place cards, and table decorations.

Drinking straws with paper cut-outs

a template over card stock or scrap booking paper. Cut images out and
attach with clear tape, or attach with paper loop and slip over straw.

Making, pen-party favors and decorations

For Ink Pens: BIC Round Stic with removable caps, work great! Use the tip of a scissors to clip the tiny round tab attached to the top of the pen cap.

the stump of the fabric flower into the pen cap. Secure with hot
glue.The pen-cap will still be functional, and you wont have any
unsightly tape to look at.

Pencil Instructions: attach flower heads with with craft glue and mini-tack nails, directly to the top of the eraser end of the pencil.

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This DIY decorating idea is adorable for a baby shower, and its a great piece for mom to take home and hang in the new nursery. The onesies are cut from fabric, and infused with a wax-paper backing. Go to: to see the full tutorial.

Re-purpose your gift bags!

After the corners (along with any strings or handles) have been cut off, simply tape the top edges together.

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Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower

baby shower paper flowers