Easy Baby Shower Game Ideas

Easy Baby Shower Game Ideas

Easy baby shower game ideas that are quick, fun, simple to plan, and a snap to play… 

Baby Shower Bingo:Print, buy, or create a set of bingo cards(it’s easy to find a printable version online). Pass bingo cards out to the guest’s before the gifts are opened. Ask guests to fill in the squares with the kinds of gifts they think the mom-to-be, will receive.

Ask guests to be as specific as possible. For example: A pink blanket with elephants, a blue sleeper with puppies, etc. As each gift is opened- if a guest has that item in one of their squares, they put an X over it. Whenever a guest ends up with a complete row of X’s, they win.

Another way to play Baby Shower Bingo: Give each guest a bingo card. This time, the cards should be filled out with words by you. Have guests listen to mom as she opens gifts. When your guest hears a words such as: cute, tiny, sweet, blue, pink, baby or any other word on their bingo card they should place an x in the box, or use a cut-out to cover the square. The guest to complete their bingo card first, wins.

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Pick a number:

Before opening gifts, ask your guest-of-honor to pick a number.(It should be between one and the total number of gifts she’ll be opening.) If she picks nine for example, whoever brought the ninth gift she opens will be the winner.

How many diaper pins:

Place 50-100 diaper pins in a small paper bag. Close bag and have each guest pass it around to guess how many diaper pins they think they can feel through the bag. the closest guess wins.

Share a Gift:

Wrap a party gift in several layers of papers. Play baby music and ask your guests to unwrap a layer and then pass it on every time they hear a word such as, love, new, small, tender, e.t.c. 

The guest to open the last layer wins the prize.

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Did You See What She Was Wearing??

Have a co-host say a quick word to the guest’s regarding the baby shower schedule, menu, or a simply mention where the bathroom is located. The co-host should spend about one minute in the room,then move out of sight of your guests. Ask the group 10-15 questions about your co-host, such as: What color are her ear rings, shoes, shirt, was her hair up or down? You can be creative! The guest to write down the most correct answers, wins.

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