Elegant baby shower invitation

Elegant Baby Shower Invitation

Elegant Baby Shower Invitation ideas and etiquette. If you’re planning an elegant or posh baby shower, the invitation you send is almost as important as the menu you serve.  

We’ll show easy ways to come up with an impressive and elegant invitation that’s absolutely perfect for the event.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when you are writing your invitations:

  • Avoid using abbreviations.

  • The day of the week and the month are
  • The date is spelled out, and there is no need to list the
    year, unless the day of the event falls on New Year’s day.
  • Note that
    there is no “and”: two thousand twenty-three.

  • Use the phrase half after when indicating time, rather than “half past” or “four-thirty.”
  • The phrases “in the afternoon” and “in the evening” are not necessary, but may be used.
  • Provide the city and state of the Baby Shower location. The state and zip code may be omitted if all the guests are local.
  • Avoid using quotes poems and verses on an elegant baby shower invitation. These should be saved for the informal invitation.
  • Full names of honoree and host(s) are
    written out. Some invitations may also include the name or names of the
    grandparents to be. With an informal invitation, only first and last
    appear on the Invitation.
  • If there is more than one host or hostess
    those names should be listed in alphabetical order. If the baby shower
    is being held at the home of one of the hosts, then that person’s name
    should appear first on the invitation followed by the other names listed

  • It’s also recommended that any information
    pertaining to the baby registry or any special instructions be printed
    on a separate insert and included with the invitation. The same advice
    is true for any maps and directions.

Sample wording ideas:

Your elegant baby shower invitation should also be eloquently written. It’s important that the guests understand they are not
attending a casual event.

I’ve included sample wording that is appropriate for an elegant
baby shower invitation. Start with an
opening such as:

  • You are cordially invited.

  • We request the honor of your presence.

  • The pleasure of your company is requested.

Body of Invitation

Cortney Foley & Michelle Larson

Request the pleasure of your company

at a baby shower held in honor of

Lia Bethany Schones

Sunday, the fourth of April

at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Regrets only to: 658-000-4587 by March 25th

Definition of Etiquette:

  • Etiquette is a set of guidelines and practices that govern social situations and general social behavior in an array of

  • The rules of etiquette will govern over how people should act or behave.
  • Etiquette governs over social practices as well. The rules of etiquette will also be influenced by culture.

A Few Simple Rules for your Invitation:

  • Etiquette also governs the timing in which to order and send a formal baby shower invitation.
  • Invitations should be ordered eight weeks in advance, and postmarked six weeks in advance.
  • An elegant, or formal event often consists of contracting with outside vendors for rentals, catering, supplies, etc.
  • It’s important to allow yourself enough time for preparations and meeting the deadline of any vendors you are contracted with.
  • RSVP requests may require a different response time as well.
    Requesting the guest response two weeks prior to the event, is more
    common than the seven to ten days that is requested for an informal

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