Free baby shower game idea

Free Baby Shower Game Idea

Free Baby Shower Game Idea: Find a shower game that’s right for the, baby venue. We have tons of free ideas for, FUN games, easy games, and even, lullaby games.

Learn how to play a Nursery Rhyme Game, Coed Baby Shower Game, Baby Name Game, Mommy’s Tummy, Baby Ducky and more…

Planning a better baby
shower with games

Make it memorable You’re reading this page, so it’s probably important to you, that all the shower guests enjoy the party you’re hosting…especially, mommy-to-be! 

Breaking the ice, is perhaps, one of the greatest reliefs a party gamed can bring. Awkward silence is never good, but it’s entirely worse at a party.

Some ideas for FUN… Incorporate a couple of Baby Shower Games, and you’re off to a great start. Different people, have different ideas of fun. No need to worry, our baby shower site has, several more pages focused on party games.

We hope you find a baby shower game idea that will make some great memories!

Bottle Race

We have a really lively game idea from, our awesome partners at Baby Shower Stuff! Any group can have a blast playing the game; and it’s hilarious at co-ed showers. The men can really get into it!

Get the full scoop (easy playing directions) by following our link. When you’re done, close the window to come back to this page. 

Shower games that are active

A Little Sympathy for Mommy-to-Be (some more co-ed fun)

You will need:

  • 24 clothespins, a large jar or small pitcher,
  • 2 very large pillows, or the likeness of a pillow 
  • 2 medium/large ace bandages.

How to play:

Have the men(or woman)at the party divide into two teams. Team one, will dress dad-to-be in the pillow and secure it with the ace bandage.

The second team will do the same with their appointed member. Your party will have two, very pregnant looking men, who can’t see their own feet!

Place the jar in-between the feet of the pseudopregnant players,
and give them each a dozen clothes pins. Set the timer for, 1 minute.

The players must try to get as many clothes pins into the jar as
possible. They must stay in there starting position, and there should be
no coaching from their fellow team members.

The pins that don’t make it into the jar, can be picked up by
fellow teammates and returned to the players before, the timer runs

The team with the most clothespins in the jar at the end of the game-wins.

For even bigger laughs, check a consignment store for XL, maternity shirts.

TIP: You can also do a game of Limbo with this idea! Mom-to-be, should NOT participate in a limbo game.

The Name Game:
another free baby shower game idea…

What you need:

  • Paper and pen for each guest. 
  • Print the word, baby, the expected mothers name or name of, new baby (if known) across the top of a piece of paper.

How to play:

Under each letter, have players write all the words they can think of pertaining to, baby (bottle, bouncer, e.t.c.). Set the timer for 2 minutes. The guest with the most answers, wins.

Cotton Ball Racefree baby shower game idea…

What you need:

  • 20 cotton balls
  • 4 medium/large bowls
  • 2 blindfolds 
  • 2 large spoons

How to play:

Guests should be in teams of two. Set up two racing stations, separate from one another. Each station should have 2 sets of bowls, sitting side-by-side.

One bowl should have 10 cotton balls, the other should be empty. Team mates will take turns, wearing a blindfold, and scooping cotton balls from one bowl, to the other. Each person has 45 seconds to scoop as many cotton balls, as possible-NO HANDS.

Scooping the cotton, is like scooping air-you can’t feel it (tricky). The team to scoop the most cotton balls, wins.

Baby- The Price is Right free baby shower game idea…

What you will need:

  • 8-10 baby items, such as newborn diapers, a pacifier,burp cloths, baby wipes, diaper cream, baby shampoo, e.t.c.
  • blank cards and envelopes

How to play:

Write the price of each item on individual cards and seal each card in an envelope. Write the name of the items on the envelopes and set them by the products. Have your guests pair up into teams of two and give each team the list of items on a written on a sheet of paper.

The teams will guess the price of each item and write it next to that item on their list. You, or a co-host, should open the envelopes one by one and announce the correct price/answer.

The team with the most correct prices (without going over, of course)-wins. The winning team gets a prize, and mom-to-be, gets to keep the baby items.

Mommy’s Tummy free baby shower game idea…

What you will need:

  • String or measuring tape
  • Pen and paper for each guest

How to play:

Provide each guest with pen and a small piece of paper. Have guests guess, in inches- the tummy size of mom-to-be.

You, another host, or a guest, should then measure around moms pregnant belly. The guest closest to the correct answer, without going over in inches, wins.

Guests can also do their own measuring. Have each guest can cut a piece of ribbon, string, or even toilet paper (toilet tissue is always cute and gets a lot of giggles) to the length they think it will take, to wrap around mommy’s tummy. Whoever has the material with the closest measurement, wins.

Free Baby Shower Game Idea
for Passive Players:

Some guests may be more reserved or quiet, a interactive Baby
Shower Game may not be their thing. Here again, are free game ideas
anyone will enjoy. Weave these fun game ideas into your Baby Shower to
keep things interesting…

Little Duck in the waterfree baby shower game idea.

Number the bottom of 6-8 rubber ducks with a magic marker, and place
ducks in a cute, little tub of water. When each guest arrives, give them
a small piece of paper with a number written on it.

the shower, pull a duck out of the water and read the number a loud.
The guests with the lucky numbers, will win a prize…or go into a
drawing for the chance to win a door prize.

Your Best Guess: this is classic and easy game.

Display a baby bottle or jar filled with candy. Guests can casually guess the number of candy pieces, and write that number on a piece of paper placed next to the bottle or jar. You can announce the winner before the end of the shower.

Hide a Stickerthe easiest game of all.Place a cute sticker on the bottom of a plate, cup or under a napkin. The lucky guest to discover the sticker, wins.

Baby Shower Trivia: a quiet way to play. Post a trivia question about your guest of honor, babies, pregnancy, or something related to your theme.

Set out pens, slips of paper and a drop box/envelope. Guests should write down their name with answer and place it in the drop box.

Before the end of the shower, draw an answer out of the box. If it’s the correct answer, award a prize. If it’s the wrong answer, draw again.

Free Baby Shower Game Idea for Kids

If your party is a Family Theme, or if you plan to have children attending the event, these are some fun activities and game ideas for them too…

Pin the Diaper on the Babynot the donkey.

This game is played just like, PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY.
In place of a tail and donkey. Use paper pieces shaped into diapers, and
a poster with a baby on it. It’s a fun game for adults too!

Free baby shower game idea: wordsearch.

Give small players, simpler versions of the adult word games.

Have a picture hunt: or scavenger hunt.

Print free baby clip art images from your computer. Cut the images
out and hide them around a room, or around the yard. Give children an, image-key (sheet of paper with images they should look for). Set a timer for 5 minutes. The one to find the most pictures, wins.

Easy Game Prizes for Kids

Stickers, small books, balloons, e.t.c; are all good ideas. If, you have a local dollar store, check it out. They’ll have lots of trinkets you can give as prizes. You’re likely to find some things for the party too!

Homemade baked goods, are a hit too. I don’t know too many kids that don’t like chocolate-chip cookies. Slip one into a little decorated  bag, and put a ribbon on it. Kids will love it, and it’s free to do.

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Free baby shower game idea for
Nursery Rhymes

Do you remember your Nursery Rhymes?

1) One, two, buckle my shoe, three four, _____________ the door.

2) Mary had a little lamb, it’s _____________ was white as snow.

3) Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any _____________?

4) This little piggy went to market. This little piggy ____________ _____________ .

5) Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, _________________ ________.

6) Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a, __________ __ _________.

7) Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her ____________ and ____________.

8) Old Mother Hubbard, went to the _______________.

9) Wee Willie Winkle runs through town, up stairs and down stairs, in his ______________.

10) Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater, had a wife but couldn’t ____________ her.

11) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had __ _______ ______.

12) There was an old woman, who lived in a ____________.

13) Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no ___________.

14) Hey diddle, diddle, the _________ and the fiddle.

15) Rock-a-bye baby, on the ________ ________.

16) Hush little baby, don’t say a word, mama’s gonna buy you a ________ ______.

Answer Key:

1) shut
2) fleece
3) wool
4) stayed home
5) Baker’s man
6) pail of water
7) curds, whey
8) cupboard
9) nightgown
10) keep
11) a great fall
12) shoe
13) lean
14) cat
15) treetop
16) mocking bird

Don’t hesitate to download a free baby shower game idea. Make as many copies as you like!