Free baby shower ideas

Free Baby Shower Ideas

Free baby shower ideas for party-planning, making your own baby gifts, invitations, printables, decorations, easy cakes, free baby shower games, and more!

Free ideas for making baby gifts

free baby shower ideas gifts

free baby shower ideas gift basket

Creative gifts for a baby shower. Grab some inspiration, or our, DIY instruction. We think, great ideas should be free to share, and easy enough for anyone to do. Please enjoy… and Happy Creating!

Free ideas for baby shower invitations

A few simple supplies will have you making, cute baby invites.

Free baby shower invitations

If you can print it, you can make it! Download images and free invitations, on us.  We also like, for free ecards.

Free baby shower ideas for unique gifts

See how to make a baby shower gift that’s completely unique!

Few things are as special as, making something from the heart. We’re happy to share a bunch of- free and easy, “make your own” ideas.  Including, this one for a truly unique, baby shower gift.

Supplies you will need: 

  • Large novelty baby bottle-or baby bottle, bank
  • Ribbon, bow, gift tag, or other notions for decorating
  • Double sided tape or glue dots
  • Baby layettes, washcloths  hooded towels, baby tee’s, receiving blankets, diapers, or bibs (are just a few ideas). 

TIP: Make it a gift set! Apply the same technique using an 8 ounce baby bottle (or mix it up with several different bottle sizes).  

How to make your gift:

I used a set of, four washcloths and folded them into rings. Next, I stacked the folded rings inside, the bottle.  I added a ribbon and gift tag… and that’s it!  

Ideas for giving your gift:

  • Give your gift, as is; no need to wrap it.
  • Set it in a baby gift basket (like we did).
  • Stuff the bottle with diapers, and build a diaper cake around it. 
  • fill up 2 or 3 bottles with gifts, for an adorable and functional centerpiece.  

DIY Gift Basket

More free baby shower ideas for, an awesome baby gift.  Gift baskets are so easy to do.  We filled a canvas, nursery tote with a bunch of cute baby basics (stuff for baby’s bath, toys, baby blankets, lap pads, pacifiers, and a soft, cuddly teddy). 

We used, pacifier party favors (all their creative uses, make them a huge favorite) to add some interest to the items in the basket. We rolled a hooded towel and packaged it in a baby bank. Receiving blankets, drape the front of the basket; and a handmade gift tag is tied to the basket handle.

It took just a few minutes to assemble the gift. The only hard part  was, deciding what to buy!  The total amount spent on making the gift basket: $95.00.  At the end of the day, making your own may not save you any money; but, it’s a lot of fun. 

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