Green Baby Shower

Green Baby Shower

Green Baby Shower: Eco-friendly theme ideas; and all-natural ways to host an, earth-loving, baby lovin’ party!

Show mother-to-be and mother earth, how much you care, by hosting a theme that is GREEN.

As you plan your party, keep the tastes of the new parents, (especially mom) in the forefront of your mind.

How eco-friendly is their life style? Inevitably, it varies from family to family.

Understanding what’s important to them; will help a great deal with your shower planning.

Green baby shower invitations

Once the date of the event and guest-list are set, it’s time to
work on the invitations. I always suggest mailing the invite, when the
shower is in honor of first-time-parents. However, when hosting a green
baby shower, an Evite or some other form of electronic card, is

Another Option: Select a print shop or vendor, with Eco-friendly
options. This allows you to order and send shower invitations that
are, produced with materials and inks that are kinder to our planet. A top pick in customer service and quality are invites by Tiny Prints.

We also like the invitations and cards from Botanical PaperWorks. All of their paper products grow into flowers! There are tiny seeds (seeded paper) embedded in the all-natural fibers of the paper. What a great fit for a Green Baby Shower! is an amazing site for Eco-friendly invitations. The designs are fresh and beautiful, they have strict guidelines about their recycled paper and production process, PLUS- they plant a tree for every new baby order!

Green Baby Shower Decorations should be re-useable or biodegradable.

Avoid purchasing or using items that need to be thrown away. It’s also best to keep your decor minimal or simple.

Chances are; you already have decorating resources, around your home. Try to come up with ideas made from fabrics, glass ware, wood, aluminum cans, or even food.

String rope across a fireplace mantle, bay window, or any other focal point of the room. Use clothes pins to hang organic infant clothing, diaper covers, nursery art/prints, advice cards, mommy’s family photos, or a variety of small, all-natural baby toys.

See more organic and baby shower ideas at Pinterest.

 SIMPLE, GREEN – Centerpiece Ideas

Gather tiny tee branches and arrange them in a tall glass/ceramic/metal/wood,
container. Hang baby socks, or other tiny baby accessories from the
ends of the branches. Paint baby blocks or letters carved from wood to make an adorable ALPHABET tree.

Display a pretty pile of rocks inside a hurricane lamp. As guest arrive, ask them to write a short message on a rock. At the end of the party, give mommy the beautiful centerpiece as a keepsake.

cakes (made with cloth), Baby Bunch bouquets and other baby gifts, can be molded out of organic fabrics, and natural baby care products.

TIP: If you are thinking about clothes diapers or want to buy cloth diapers, is a great site with great information and advice to help you navigate your, “eco-kind” purchase!

Plush toys, a child’s refurbished rocking chair, rocking horse, or
wagon, have endless possibilities. Potted plants, and natural elements
can be used in many ways.

A FUN way to serve a green salad: Add fresh greens to individual
Mason jars. Cover jar with lid and keep cool until ready to serve.
Set-up mini-bar where guests can add their favorite healthy toppings,
dressings, e.c.t. With the jar lids back in in place, each guest can
toss or mix their salad…then simply enjoy!

Your Baby Shower Menu, should consist mainly of healthy,
organic foods and beverages. Salads, Fruits, Vegetables, lean meats, and spreads such as, hummus, or cuscus are delicious options. Some great places to shop: Whole Foods,
Trader Joe’s, or your local Farmers Market.

Avoid the use of or plastic utensils, dishes or serving pieces. Paper plates, napkins, plates, e.c.t. aren’t an option either. Stick with the basic dishes and serving pieces that are simple, light colors, or just plain.

Gifts and favors can be made or purchased, but either should be organic.  Wrapping paper shouldn’t be used at a Green Baby Shower. Instead, use news paper. brown paper bags, blankets, or baskets.