Hostess Gift Idea

Hostess Gift Idea

Hostess gift idea for a baby shower: Are you wondering about, hostess gift etiquette?  

In the true spirit of, “baby shower etiquette”, you can skip the gift; a hand-written thank you note is perfectly acceptable. However, very few pregnant woman would agree with this. Right or wrong, most soon-to-be-moms, would never dream of showing up to their shower without a thoughtful gift for the host.

Baby shower hostess gifts

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Now that you’re looking for that perfect gesture of, “thanks”, you may be feeling nervous about what to give a woman, kind enough, to plan and throw a party in your honor.  

There’s really no need to worry, or spend lots of time and money on a hostess gift. Gal pals, sisters, aunts, best friends, or anyone else involved with throwing your baby shower, is doing it out of love.

The cutest gifts -any baby
shower host will love

Very trendy, and very fun! Anything from this store makes a great gift for a host.


She’s sure to be busy with the details of planning menus, party favors, and so on. This is your special day and she wants it to be perfect . Receiving a gift from the expectant parent, is the last thing your shower hostess is thinking about.

It’s pretty easy to find suitable gifts for the hostess. You can spend a little or alot. Most women spend between $10 and $50 dollars on a gift for the baby shower hostess.

It’s quite common to have more than one friend or family member plan the baby shower. You can certainly buy each hostess identical or similar gifts. For the head party-planner, it’s okay to be a little more generous with your hostess gift idea, but it’s not necessary.

Spa gift basket ideas may not be completely original, but they are well received, hostess gift idea.  The contents of a spa gift basket can range from a small variety of, yummy skin care creams and hand lotions, to baskets filled with a whole days worth of pampering.

Of course, it’s not necessary to buy an entire gift basket. Bath salts, calming aroma-therapies, scented oils, hydrating lotions, slippers, robes, eye masks, exfoliating clothes, or fragrant candles, will be just as, appreciated. 

Often a nice bottle of wine will be accepted with good cheer. It may be worth the effort to find out whether or not, she has a favorite wine   label and what is.

If you know exactly what to look for, you will save time on shopping. Plus, you will be giving her a gift she’s already found of. 

Hostess gift ideas you can personalize: Stationery,  gourmet coffee packs, chocolates, gift cards, a pretty scarf, stemware, glasses, and coffee mugs, candles and picture frames, jewelry, journals, books, and  handy tote bags, are only a handful of possibilities

Presenting your gift or gifts, should be done in a casual manner. There is no need for fancy wrapping paper and bows. Your gift can be put in a simple gift bag and tied with ribbon.

Bring your hostess gift with you to your baby shower and hand it to the host while the two of you are exchanging hellos-OR, you can wait and give it to her after the party is over. Either way, she’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness.

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