Ideas for Baby Shower Favors

 Ideas for Baby Shower Favors

Easy ideas for baby shower favors. What’s your flavor?

Inspire ideas for baby shower favors

  • Shop for an entire kit, complete with, favors and decorations. 
  • Buy packaged favors that are ready right out of the box. 
  • Buy separate pieces and assemble your own favors.  
  • Buy something simple to complete the, favors you’re making.

An easy way to get great custom favors

  • Personalized baby shower labels, are an easy and inexpensive way to turn homemade favors, or anything else into custom favors.
  • You just can not go wrong with chocolate. Turn a simple candy
    bar into a memorable treat. 
  • Water bottle labels, are a cool idea. If, you order water labels online, be certain they’re made with the correct adhesive, and that they’re waterproof.
  • Favor boxes, party bags, personalized ribbon, custom gift tags, and washi tape; are other ways you can turn your ordinary goodies into something, amazing.

No ordinary tape

We love this new, easy, and inexpensive decorating trend. Check out everything you can do!

“Washi tape is a great way to add a personalized touch to your special
day. This decorative Japanese tape adds flair to your baby shower and is
much prettier than plain masking tape. Try using washi tape to seal
invitations or decorate favor boxes and bags.”

martha stewart tape pics

Shop for Unique Baby Shower Favors & Gifts-Free DIY videos too @

Easy to do: Assemble your own baby shower favors

This easy baby shower idea is from, Beau-Coup; and their, “How-to” blog.  assemble a unique baby shower favor with:

  • baby bottle favors  
  • personalized tags and ribbons
  • hot-coco powder to add to the bottles


ideas for baby shower favors

Favors for a ready-to-give-gift

Mini Manicure Set. This is
a great favor for a woman’s purse. You can add a bottle of finger nail
polish or cuticle lotion; tie favor gift, with a ribbon, and Thank you note

Bookmarks. Find a bookmark that captures the theme of the baby shower; or find one that is simple and neutral. Bookmarks are an excellent way to give a  favor-gift, that will last for a long time.

Hand Towels. A personalized hand towel in a soft color can be a beautiful
baby shower favor that your guests will be able to actually use… it’s practical and cute.

Seed Paper. These unique baby shower favors are cute baby-themed cards made of
recycled paper. But the secret is what´s inside. Embedded in the paper are tiny of seeds. Guests should plant the piece of paper, and watch it grow!

Classic Ideas for Baby Shower Favors

Baby Scents. Who doesn’t love the sweet
aroma of a little infant? It’s pretty hard to resist. You can find, baby powder scents in candles, drawer sachets, lotions, and hand soaps.

Baby Carriages. Want something a
little more upscale? Then a darling crystal or precious-metal keepsake, could be just the thing to give your guests. It´s the ideal favor idea for, those who like something sentimental.

Edible ideas for baby shower

If you’re looking for something good to eat; order edible favors for the baby shower.  

If you don’t think, you have what it takes to make your own edible favors, you might be surprised.  Many DIY ideas are pretty easy; and you’re probably more creative than you realize.

Coffee. Personalize some little flavored coffee packets; give your guests a
boost of energy, and to thank them for attending the shower.

Gourmet Tea. Everyone can use a
moment to sit back and relax with a hot cup of tea. Purchase the tea bags in bulk and
package them in cute tea cups. Adorn labels on tiny tins filled with chai tea.

Free downloads and ideas for baby shower favors

Go to free templates and free downloads. If you have the home-office equipment, and the time, FREE printables are great!

Just remember, home- printing supplies add up fast; you’ll
also need to cut, and assemble all of it yourself. For that reason, I always suggest, downloads with white backgrounds.

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