Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors

Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors

Inexpensive baby shower favors that are amazing and affordable. There’s no reason you can’t have great party favors, even on a tight budget; you just need to look in the right places.

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Creative, easy, cute, and free ideas for shower favors and DIY decorations

Start at home. Do an inventory of craft, sewing, baking, gardening, or stationary supplies.  If you have the time, make your party favors-especially if you have an amazing talent you can share.

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Edible Baby Shower Favors

Again, if time allows, bake or a really great recipe to share make some scrumptious chocolate favors and add them to a pretty organza bag or handmade box.  You can purchase box templates on line and assemble them with little effort.

An easier option is to make paper cones with craft or construction paper.  Fill the cone with treats and hand them to guest as they exit the party. For an added touch, include the recipe on an attractive index card., is a great place to find free templates and assembly instructions.

Fill canning jars or decorated containers with gourmet coffee or select
tea leaves. Add a poem and serving directions to a pretty label or tag;  attach it to the lid, side, or around the neck of the jar/container. Save on the cost of baby shower printables with our free down loads.

Adding candy or small chocolates to a baby bottle is very affordable!
Be sure to purchase candy that won’t break the bank. Fancy nuts and
gourmet chocolates will add up fast when you need party favors for 12

Give your guests a warm send-off…

Hot Cocoa adds warmth and comfort on a cold day, especially when it’s your own homemade recipe. Prepare single serve batches for each guest, by adding dry ingredients to little bags, tie with string and add directions for mixing and heating:


  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1/12 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1/2 pinch of salt
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 2/3 cup milk (non-fat optional)
  • Almond milk, and other non-non dairy can be used in place of milk

Mix dry ingredients in a small saucepan, slowly stir in water. Stir ingredients over low heat until boiling, then keep stirring an additional 2-3 minutes making certain, contents are well mixed. Reduce, or remove from heat and add milk. Continue heating, but, do not boil the liquid (the milk can scorch or burn). Serve contents in a mug- top with mini marshmallows or whip cream (optional). Allow hot chocolate to cool for several minutes, stir and enjoy!

You can use the same concept with with many different foods and recipes. Dry ingredients for soups, desserts, and pastas can be layered neatly in individual jars. My only advice; keep the recipe ideas simple, and buy ingredients in bundles or discount bulk; otherwise, your inexpensive baby shower favors, may get expensive…

The same is true of party supplies or other favors you decide to purchase.

Cute and Easy Baby Shower Favors

Make napkin rings, or key chains from plastic pacifiers. You can find everything you
need at Micheal’s, or your favorite craft store. Check your local paper,
or Google, online coupon sites.

Another option, skip the coupons; and keep a watch for online sales to purchase your favors in a
complete, pre-made set. It’s not uncommon to see baby shower favors
discounted, 20% and more!

Potted plants or flowers are easy, and inexpensive baby shower favors. You can even use clean baby food jars to package seeds and potting soil.

Baby food jars also make really cute candle holders too! Just add a small
scented candle to each jar (soy wax if possible), and finish with a
decorated lid, string, personalized tag or other embellishments.

Pens with coordinating note pads, stationary, or pocket calenders are practical enough for every one to appreciate. Wrap them together with ribbons and attach a “thank you tag” or personal note, for an extra special touch.

Pamper Everyone for Less

Homemade baby shower favors for the bath are always a big hit. Sugar Scrubs, Bath Soaks, Oils, and Soaps; can all be made right in your kitchen!

Get the recipe for making your own sugar scrub.

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Inexpensive baby shower favors,
can end up costing you more

I’m guilty of this for sure! I’ve gone through the dollar store, or dollar bins at my favorite store, thinking I can really load up on what I need for my next party planning.

When I get to the register to purchase my inexpensive baby shower favors for a group of 10 woman, I find that I owe $65.00 for trinkets and pens!

It’s easy to keep tossing things in the basket, when there is so much to pick and everything is only $1! Of course, I’ve learned more self control over time, but it’s still a struggle. My best defense against over spending on favors and supplies, is shopping on line. I keep closer track of what I’m putting in my cart, and it’s very easy to unload the thing I don’t want.

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