New Mom Gift Ideas

New Mom Gift Ideas

New mom gift ideas that will surprise and delight her. Find great baby shower gifts for new moms and moms-to-be. 

Gifts for Women at Uncommon Goods They have, very unique, and stunning jewlwery gallery! They have great ideas for personalizing your pieces too.

Mothers rings, birthstones, and engraved jewelry can capture the magic of her pregnancy and a long awaited, delivery.

While a woman is expecting a new little one, she is constantly going through physical and emotional changes. Beginning with conception- through the months of postpartum, there are lots of baby and mommy essentials to buy!  This can make new mom gift ideas, all the more important. 

Gift ideas to make a new mom laugh

Porn for New Moms, is worth a good chuckle. The book is full of, pretty men, cheerfully doing all the domestic work-including child care. 

This is no ordinary mug; it’s a “WONDER WOMAN” mug.  I laughed when I saw this- so true!  

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Personalized baby shower gift for mom

Call Me! Mommy contact cards because, being a mother is serious business! It’s a big trend right now, and it makes perfect sense. Moms all over, are choosing to custom-order, mom-business cards. Printed on the cards is, her name, her child’s name, and her contact info. The cards are convenient for sitters, daycare, and networking with other parents.

Give her a gift card to, hot mama. She will absolutely fall in love with this women’s beautiful, quality apparel.  It’s an awesome online store that’s fantastic for all moms!

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Buy her a really hip-diaper bag; something the other new mommies will be jealous of!  Dwell, JJ Cole, Skip Hop, OiOi, and Kate Spade are a few of my favorite designers. We were sure to select  affiliate stores with gorgeous diaper bags for mama.  

What set’s this journal apart? Busy new mom’s can actually keep up with their baby journal! Entering logs will be quick, fun and easy. It’s the perfect gift for first baby, second baby, and beyond! She’ll love it! Find it at: Amazon Baby Shower Gifts.


If you’re shopping, and not sure how to find that perfect “mommy” gift- just keep this in mind: Buy a gift that will pamper her, OR make her days a little easier! 

New mom gift ideas that are
all about TLC

Buy the new mother a gift bag or a new baby gift basket, just for her. Have it filled with organic body products. Mommy-to-be can pamper herself; and she’ll have peace-of-mind , knowing she is using a safer product for herself, her pregnancy and baby. 

There does seem to be a lot of questions surrounding the many companies that claim to be, all natural.  It definitely makes it confusing, so we did our homework; this is one company we really like:

Earth Mama & Angel Babies, know how to do natural better, and they do it right. They are dedicated to quality, research and the integrity of their products. We feel really good about recommending this on our list of new mom gift ideas!

You can find a great array of organic products for women at any natural food store. It’s a great way to test out products before you commit to a purchase.

Cozy slippers supported with memory foam; pretty nursing tops, or a soft rope are perfect, new mom gift ideas. Shop for fabrics made of
quality cottons (organic against baby’s skin is
best) Durability is also important- she will need something that holds up to frequent washing and

Mommy’s Helper

  • Help with pet care, child care or, domestic services (cooking,
    cleaning, home maintenance, e.t.c) are sure bets to put the new mommy at
  • It can be a great gift of
    your time, and any one else who wants to help out. Of course, if time is
    an issue, get the best local recommendations you can find and hire a
    professional. If mom to be is being challenged with her pregnancy; or
    recovering from child birth, this type of gift will win her over.