Organic Infant Clothing

Organic Infant Clothing

Organic infant clothing makes a wonderful baby shower gift, or anytime gift. Here’s a practical gift guide for buying natural clothes for baby.

Natural clothing is best for a newborns sensitive skin

If you’re attending a baby shower and are planning to buy some adorable baby
clothes this is a great guide for the best organic fabrics.

Organic cotton is always a good idea for baby. Cotton is easy to care for and is comfortable
year round. Egyptian cotton is particularly soft and won’t irritate a newborn
baby’s skin. You can find cozy organic layettes, gowns, bibs, onesies,
sleepers, hats, blankets, socks and more in most baby stores and baby
departments. There are even more choices
when you shop online.

Aden and Anais is a, top-quality baby line famous for their 100% cotton baby blankets. A top seller is their
Muslin Swaddling Wrap, it’s, soft, lightweight, and perfect for keeping a newborn warm and cozy.

Other natural baby clothing fabrics include wool or the fibers
from animal coats – such as sheep, emus, or llamas. Wool is a great
fabric for winter and cold climates.

Modern wool is very cozy, manufactures have developed
practices to keep wool scratch free and itch free. Many moms using cloth diapers
will also swear by wool diaper covers.
Wool has the ability to breathe and keep a baby comfortable and warm.
Look for blankets made of wool if mom-to-be lives in a cool climate or if she
has a winter due date. Be prepared to spend a little more on this type of
organic infant clothing

Silk is also a wonderful
natural fabric and a great choice for organic infant clothing. Silk is more affordable
than wool, and just a bit more expensive than cotton. It’s a very soft fabric
and is more common in baby blankets than baby clothing. Specialty boutiques and
online baby stores are the best place to find silk products for baby.

Linen is a natural fabric that comes from a fiber -called
flax. It’s relatively inexpensive and is a great choice for summer or warm
climates. Linen will generally prove to be durable enough to stand up to the
messes any new born can make. It will be
soft on their skin and comfortable for them to wear. Linen will wrinkle quite
easily, but buying a linen made with a cotton blend will result in less

Jute, Hemp, and Ramie are also natural fabrics used for
organic infant clothing. Hemp is similar
to the texture of linen; it’s warmer and thicker than linen- it too, wrinkles
easily. Hemp is great at wicking moisture and repelling water. It can hold odors
that are hard to remove in the wash. It
may be wise to avoid burp clothes and bibs that tend to get messy. Over-all,
hemp is a wonderful choice for organic infant clothing.

TIP: If you do find the perfect organic outfit or blanket to give
as a baby shower gift, you may want to keep a couple of things in mind:
Purchase a size baby can wear and grow into, rather than a newborn size. 0-3
months and 3 months are often a good choice for a baby that out grows clothes
very quickly in their first year.

My second tip: Hold-off with the wrapping paper and paper gift
bags. It’s better to give an organic gift wrapped in earth-friendly packaging
such as old newspaper, or brown paper from a grocery bag. You can use a small basket with a ribbon tied
around it to complete the look. There are also a couple of small company’s
popping up who are making reusable gift bags and gift wrap. What a clever idea!

Organic baby gift baskets 

If you’re having trouble deciding in a gift- a gift basket might be the answer.  I really like the organic selection at…and they’re good to their customers. Do you want to check out more organic gift basket ideas?

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