Pooh baby shower ideas

Pooh Baby Shower Ideas

Pooh baby shower ideas are as-classic-as, “Pooh Bear” himself. We’re sharing our favorite party ideas, and some ultra-cute finds for adorable baby shower decor. You can throw a baby shower that really is,sweeter than honey!

pooh baby shower ideas and invites

Planning the Baby Shower: Invitations 101

Ultimately the invitations you choose will have the biggest influence on your baby shower ides. So we searched for cute cards and cute ideas. We like: the super-cute, “Pooh” shower invites & thank you cards.

You can create an entire party with, all the matching paper products they have available. You can find: plates, cups, tableware, napkins, party kit supplies, balloons, and inspiration from our shopping partners @CelebrateExpress.com

Handmade Invitations

scrapbook paper, card stock, and a little creativity, you can make
homemade cards; or you can just buy them.  You can find independent
artists, and craft gurus at: Etsy.com, ArtFire.com, and StampinUp.com

Custom Baby Shower Invitations

pooh baby shower cards

pooh baby shower ideas

Pooh Baby Poem: source princesstumblr.com Pooh PDF -free print to print.

Because, Winnie-the-Pooh images are a registered trademark of Disney; there’s a limited number of resources for professional printing. We checked around for the best options and best pricing. It turns out, our favorite place is, Party City!

We were pleasantly surprised with the selection, value, and up-front pricing (no hidden charges snuck in). You can see the whole collection of Pooh invitations PartyCity.com

Baby Shower Decorations

For discounted baby shower supplies, you might want to take a look at Americanpartyoutlet.com. The inventory rotates, and the supply is limited. The prices are only a bit lower than other party stores, but we found some unique invitations, centerpieces, party plates, and so on. They also had a nice selection of, baby pooh products. Ballon source: Walmart.com.

Baby Boy or Gender-Neutral: If your really going for a classic Pooh baby shower; yellow, red, and other bright colors will work.

Baby Girl or Baby Boy: Pastels or soft hues pair well with a contemporary, “Baby” Pooh theme, but, you can use the classic colors too.

Baby Twins: Use the same color ideas as above. Place a Winnie the Pooh toy where everyone can see it. Tie one, large helium balloon to each of his arms. Scatter double balloons sets around the party.

  • Honey bees are frequently associated with Winnie the Pooh too. Bees also happen to be a popular, baby shower idea; and are easy decorations to find.
  • Big, round, balloons or balloon bouquets are a perfect fit for Pooh baby showers.
  • Create a scene or backdrop of the Hundred Acre Wood. You can buy, removable-tree-decals at department stores, and on-line.
  • Use Bit-O-Honey candies, for table scatter, or add them to candy dishes around the room.

Pooh Baby Gifts 

If you find your self looking for a genuine Pooh bear, I found this, silly-nilly-‘ol bear online He has over 70 positive reviews too. 

Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Fruity-Peanutty-Hunny Sandwiches 

  • 1-1/2 cups Skippy Honey Peanut Butter

  • 2 cups fresh berries                              

  • 1 cup coarsely chopped apple

  • 24 slices
    whole-grain bread, you can use any favorite bread

You can download some more fun recipe ideas from, Tigger, Piglet, and Poohs other friends.

Baby Shower Cakes

pooh baby shower ideas-Disney Baby

Have mom-to-be and guests buzzing about your baby shower dessert. The little honey bees are made with sliced jelly beans and sliced almonds.  There’s no doubt, you’ll need a little patient  but these really are easy to make!  See the full story and instructions for making these, Busy Bee cupcakes at: www.disneybaby.com

Pooh baby shower ideas cake

This is where you can find even more, cute pooh baby shower ideas for cakes &

  • Cupcakes: use some easy decorating ideas with frosting, or cupcake toppers.
  • Make or buy a baby shower cake. You can look for cake molds in the shape of a bear. Molds of Winnie the pooh are easiest to find on Ebay; as Wilton has discontinued many of their, Winnie the Pooh products.
  • Cakes in the shape of a beehive are really cute with this theme too! We found this one by: Nordic Ware. It’s a bit on the small side, but really cute!
  • If you’re not a hobbyist cake decorator, and you want easy ideas for making your own adorable cake, Cut-Up Cakes, is a great book. You can see some of the images on our cake page.
  • Diaper cakes are a long time, baby shower tradition. Just like everything else, you make your own, or buy one. Of course, it’s not meant to take the place of your edible cake; but it makes a nice centerpiece. It’s also a fun, yet practical baby gift. 

Pooh baby shower ideas and party favors

Pooh baby shower ideas honey

What comes to your mind when you think of this classic bear?  As Pooh would say, “why honey, of course!” 

These adorable favors are getting sweet reviews. We’ve added them to our list of favorite: Pooh baby shower ideas!  We like the price too; it’s  actually comparable to making your own favors:

  • 2 – 3 sets of 12
  • 4 – 11 sets of 12
  • 12 or more sets of 12

You can find more baby shower favors and ideas with our, affiliated website and store: The Corner Stork 

Make your own gift favors

Little jars of honey can be used as your baby shower favors. You can collect the jars and fill them yourself.  

Decorating the jars is easy too. You can cover the lids with gingham, burlap, paper bags, or decorative cupcake liners.

Free printable baby shower game

Grab and play this free, Pooh baby shower game (with) answer key. Or make your own with these super-cute, free, Disney clips:

Pooh baby shower ideas for DIY and free clip art

www.disneyclips.com/winniethepooh.html has dozens of amazing, and free clipart images. It’s a fantastic way to personalize any, pooh baby shower ideas. The graphics can be used for making invitations, baby shower games (like bingo), thank your cards, banners, gift wrap, or your own creative ideas. Use the search bar if you want to visit this free image site now.

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