Princess Baby Shower Ideas

Princess Baby Shower Ideas

Princess baby shower ideas; create a fairytale theme for mommy-to-be and her new little baby princess…

Think pink, sparkles, bling, tulle, tiaras, and all things girly for this theme. Throwing princess baby shower, is incredibly fun and easy to plan. It’s the kind of party that wakes up the little princess in all of us!

Princess Baby Shower Favors

Pretty table scatter and confetti, are great for decorating! Craft stores sell gems, glitter, and lots of shiny things to bring a little bling to any princess party theme.  

princess baby shower ideas chocolate favors

Love these adorable, personalized chocolate shower favors!

The Princess and the Pea is a beloved children’s story. You can do so much inspiration from, the Renaissance era! Use rich colors, golden embellishments, velvet, as well as, sheer fabrics to decorate tables and chairs. Mix in cute little, pea-shower-favors that will double as decor and charming, “take-homes” for guests. The Princess and the Pea is also a great theme for, Twin Baby Showers.

Princess Baby Shower Invitations

Photo baby shower invitations, Royal Welcome: Daiquiri

Find the perfect invite, or make your own. We love the little princess cards from: Minted, Tiny Prints, and Paper Source. 

If you have the time, handmade invitations are easy to do. You won’t run out of resources for what you need.  The same is true for Princess baby shower decorations, favors, cakes, menus, and all, princess- related ideas!

Read more about the invitations we love and why we love them.

Fairytale Princess

Sprinkle a little fairy dust around your party (you can use shiny table scatters or confetti). A sweet fairy princess, may be the perfect fit for welcoming a little baby girl.

You can decorate with shimmering wings, tutus, and magical wands. Pink certainly isn’t a requirement for any or all, of your princess baby shower ideas. Lavender, royal blue, purple, red, gold, silver or just about any color will due!

Princess baby shower printables, or baby-girl clip art are available online, and many images you find, may even be free! Ideas for downloads and printable art:

  • Cut-out paper crowns, stars, a castle, a tower, a magic palace, or a royal carriage.
  • Decorate and embellish your paper images with glitter, paint, fabrics, or anything that’s fit for a little princess.
  • For a whimsical look: think of flower gardens, wondering vines, butterflies, rainbows, vintage lace, or a beloved, Princess Fairytale.

There’s a Baby Princess for Every Season

Any baby shower theme can be tied into a corresponding season. Plan a beautiful Winter Shower Theme with, sparkling snow flakes, acrylic table decor, and shades of blue and lavender.

An enchanted forest is ideal for an Autumn Shower Theme. Think of, colorful mushrooms, pink sparkling leaves, and a sunny sky.

Secret garden’s are a nice fit for Spring or Summer. Bright fresh, silk, or paper flowers, can be scattered in pretty vases. Paper garland made of, butterflies, fairy wings, or large Gerber Daisy’s, can be used almost anywhere. If possible, host your princess baby shower in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Princess Baby Shower Ideas
and Fun Games

Play a trivia game, word find, memory challenge, or charades inspired by favorite a princess story and fairytale characters. Many classic baby shower games can be
tailored to fit a princess theme.

Game Example: “Don’t Say Girl

This game can be played during a block of social time, while gifts are being opened, or during dessert. Each guest should receive a plastic jewel, such as a ring, bracelet, and so on. Each time a guest is caught using the word girl in a sentence; the opposing guest can confiscate that persons jewel. The guest to acquire the most jewels at the games end, wins.

Princess baby shower ideas for
gifting and decorating…

Choosing a centerpiece that can be gifted to mom and new baby is one of
your best options. Diaper cakes and new baby gift baskets are great ideas; we also love this princess castle made from diapers!

Find a cute little baby princess gift set, layette, or outfit. Prop it up, or dress up a plush teddy bear. Mom-to-be will love it!  

Princess Baby Shower Ideas for
desserts and cakes

Edible centerpieces are also a great idea. If you have amazing cupcakes
or an incredible baby shower cake, show them off before you and the
baby shower guests indulge!

Adorable cupcake favors.  Download free decorations to make princess cupcakes. The toppers feature a sparkling gown. The cupcake wrappers are pink with the words: Once Upon a Time, There Was a Princess… 

Red velvet cakes and cupcakes make the perfect dessert. You may also
want to give guests the option of a fresh sorbet, or a warmed rhubarb
creme’ brulee.

The best sites I’ve found for photos of baby shower cakes:


Princess Baby Shower Ideas;
What food to Serve

Once again pink is the ideal color- pink punch, pink lemonade, strawberry whipped mousse salad, watermelon flowers, and other pink foods are fun to serve- and talk about attention to detail!

The foods shouldn’t be too heavy or messy. It’s not dignified for a princess to spill lunch on herself! Stick with finger sandwiches, and other petite bites. Don’t skimp on the amount of food, Your royal party should have plenty of everything for each guest.

Pretty Pink Princess Punch


  • 1 gallon of
    vanilla ice cream (soften at room temperature)
  • 2 liters of
    strawberry flavored soda
  • 12 ounce package
    of frozen strawberries (thawed at room temperature) Do not drain- you will need
    the juice.

How to make it:

Lightly puree strawberries in blender or food processor; you
can also mash them by hand.

In large punch bowl, add ¾ gallon ice cream.

Next add mashed strawberries and juice.

Add strawberry soda last and stir well.

The punch should be bit thick; if you want to thin it, just
add more soda.

TIP: This recipe works well with raspberries too. It’s best to
strain or separate the seeds before you add the raspberries to your mix.

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