Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Planning a rubber ducky baby shower? You’re pretty lucky. Baby duck themes are everything they’re, “quaked-up” to be! There’s no shortage of amazing decorations, tableware, party favors, and baby shower ideas to help you host a very, “ducky” baby party!

rubber ducky baby shower

Baby Shower Party Favors

  • Baby shower soap favors, in the shape of a duck, of course.
  • Paper cones for candies, popcorn, or other treats
  • Mint tins with baby ducks and personalized labels
  • You can find more, ducky baby shower favors here:
  • Baby Shower Shops

Free Cup Cake Toppers: B is for BABY

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Invitations

Tiny Prints one of our favorites

rubber ducky baby shower invites

 Duck baby shower: make your own invites

With a little time and creativity, you can make your own invitations.  

Find a 4×6 or 5×7″ template of a ducky ( for awesome templates). Trace the outline on a cute piece of card stock and cut it out. Next, select a contrasting paper pattern and cut it into the shape of a duck wing. Glue the very top edge of the wing to the body of the duck (it should lift up or open like a flap). When your guest lifts the wing of the duck, they will see your invitation wording.

TIP: Try adding a touch of, yellow fuzzy feathers, or a little button to the duck’s wing; or put a cute little bow around ducky’s neck. Yellow id not the only color for an adorable, rubber ducky baby shower. Pretty much any color or pattern is acceptable, as long as mom-to-be, and/or the parents-to-be, will be happy with your selection.

Clever rubber ducky baby shower idea

Anyone who’s ever loved a little rubber bath toy, knows what happens after a while; the little hole on the bottom of the toy takes in water. Before long, you’re dealing with stale water, bacteria and mold growing inside the toy. It’s hard to prevent this from happening and even harder to clean. That’s why, we love, love Boon Odd Ducks. Parents no longer have to worry about dirty ducks!

You can impress mom-to-be with these clever little duckies. The little ducks, come in lots of different colors and patterns; use them for baby shower favors, party games, decorations, and a cool baby shower gift.   (Get more info about Boon Odd Ducks ) and where to buy them.

Rubber Ducky Inspiration

We love this one from Object Splendor! What a great idea for a centerpiece! You can buy supplies right off their site. Or go on your own way to find, some cute ducky wallpaper or baby duck, crafting paper (there’s an absence out there).   

Decorate small jars, recycled coffee tubs, or other containers with contact paper, wall paper, or craft paper. Add water and gorgeous, fresh flowers.

Nearly any kind of flower will work for this center piece- sunflowers, daisies, or tulips, are just a few ideas. Matches votive candles are a really nice touch.

TIP: If you’re ducky baby shower scheme is yellow and blue, keep flower arrangements simple, by not adding too many colors. If you do want to add another color, white is a great option.

If, mom-to-be is wishing for pink-; pink ducks would be just as adorable with the blue, yellow, green, orange, or white background.

This is a charming idea: Place a little ducky favor in the center of each guests plate. 

Centerpiece ideas for a ducky baby shower

Make or buy a duck baby gift basket. Write your words and name on a gift card, tuck the card securely inside the basket.  Add your own decorations, balloons, or toys. Use a vintage chalkboard, handmade sign, or banner to write your, “welcome message.” Prop the message board inside or outside the baby gift basket. makes these adorable edible cupcake circles. You can custom order by phone or online, and have them shipped right to your home.

Remember not to over-look centerpiece desserts. If you have a fabulous cake or cupcake display, let it take center stage. has great ideas and products to help make your party everything you want it to be. Cookie cutters, cake pans, candy molds, and fondant kits are just a few things you can find on their site.

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Games

Make a splash with your centerpiece. Make it a decoration and a game for guests to enjoy.

What you need: up to a dozen, small floating ducks (the inexpensive rubber ones are just fine), and something to float them in.

The has a nice selection of affordable ideas- they even have party favors (who knew?).

Funsational is the best site to find inexpensive, fun games; and you don’t have to wait to download them. Print & Play Baby Shower Games

Plan a Baby Shower Activity

For a little baby shower fun, guests can decorate or paint their own rubber ducky.  The ducks can be given to mommy and baby; or guests can take them home as a party favor.  Either way, it’s bound to be a cherished memory.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Umbrella

Hang an umbrella upside-down from your dining room chandelier or ceiling. Cut and attach color-matching yarn to duck shaped paper cut-outs. Write verses, poems, messages, or advice on each of the ducks. Tie or loop the ends of the yarn to each of the umbrellas points.

You can also fill the upside-down umbrella with fluffy white tissue
poms. Hang large, cut-out paper raindrops from the umbrellas edge.

TIP: You can reverse the hanging direction of the umbrella for either one of the above decorating ideas.

Watch video and learn how to make baby shower- paper pom-pom decorations!

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