Second baby shower gift ideas

Second Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Second baby shower gift ideas; Sprinkle mom and baby with love, and some cool gifts too!

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

second baby shower gifts

A cool twist on an old favorite! Little Sister and Little Brother tees. If you want to make your gift even more memorable, buy a matching tee for big sisters and big brothers

second baby shower gift ideas sister

second baby shower gift puzzle

second baby shower gifts

Now that mom-to-be is expecting her second baby, it’s probably safe to assume, she already has many of the baby essentials. This doesn’t mean, she wouldn’t appreciate replacing some of her old baby stuff with some new baby stuff. Onesies, bibs, blankets, pacifiers, and feeding accessories are often ready for an update by the time baby # 2 comes along. 

What’s a baby shower without a brand new, teddy bear?  Give baby a security blanket or lovey of their very own.

When you’re shopping for second baby shower gift ideas, it’s the perfect time to on creative, unique, or even, luxurious gifts.

Gift baskets are the perfect way to combine practical and creative ideas.  A gift basket can be for baby, or the whole family. Mom, dad and siblings are fun and easy to buy for too.

Keepsake for baby

Some people may assume, a second pregnancy is less exciting than the first. Not true! Mom-to-be, may be less anxious or nervous, the second-time-around. That doesn’t mean, she’s not just as excited this time.

Buy a new little one, a keepsake. Or make one yourself. If you sew, knit, or crochet, you may want to do an internet search for, free sewing patterns; there are a lot of them for babies.

Keepsake ideas:

  • Contemporary picture frames; or frames made just for siblings.
  • Baby journals, scrapbooks, or other gifts to record memories and milestones.
  • Personalized gifts, name plates, plaques, and memory boxes.
  • Silver plated cups, flatware, booties and other memorabilia.
  • Custom Pewter or silver jewelery (this also a great gift for mom).
  • Birth certificate holders and frames.
  • Hand print and foot print kits.
  • Piggy banks.
  • Personalized story books.

Baby Layettes are an ideal gift for a second baby. The second born, will have plenty of opportunity to wear all the hand-downs, from big-brother or big sister. Something new and cozy, for a new baby, just makes sense. 

on baby’s gender, HE or SHE may need a whole new wardrobe. If that’s
case that case, look for sizes that a newborn can grow into. 

girls knows, no out-fit is complete with out the right accessories! 
Little headbands, hats, hair clips, and fancy socks, will only make her
more adorable.

Give little boys sporty hats, cool shoes, or stuff that’s, “just like dads.”

Diapers for a Second Baby Shower

Second baby shower gift ideas and diapers go very well together.  Babies need lots of diapers! Diaper cakes, baskets, caddies, and totes make some of the best baby shower gifts.  Every new mommy will appreciate them.  Make sure you have an idea of her diapering preference… disposable, bio degradable, cloth, and so on.

A fabulous diaper bag is a mommy essential!  Baby items will ware quickly when they are used a lot, this includes diaper bags. Look for bags that are stylish and have enough room to hold the contents for two children. If dad will be doing lots of baby toting, choose colors and patterns that are gender neutral.  You may even want to shop for bags that are just for fathers.

Baby Gear and big ticket items are a good fit for group gifting.  Parents may need to
upgrade a stroller or car seat. Make the car seat a convertible ( a seat
that can go from birth to toddler).  Make the stroller a double ( a
stroller for two children).  Gift cards from Visa, MasterCard, or a favorite baby store might be just the thing for a second baby gift.

Second baby shower
gift ideas of elegance

Are you hoping to indulge baby a little?  When you’re shopping for a second child, it’s easy to do with out the guilt!

Baby Blankets, baby clothing, or toys can still be useful, even if they are elegant. 

Nursery lighting, decor, wall art, and soft rugs, are the perfect way to add even more warmth to baby’s room.  It’s best to know the style of the nursery before, you purchase this type of gift. It helps to buy something that new  parents can exchange, or return.

Second baby shower gift ideas for the baby that has everything…

This isn’t often the case, but sometimes it is. If you need to get creative with your baby gift, or you’re just looking for something unique- you might like one of these:

  • Hire a professional photographer to take new, family photos.
  • Open and deposit money into a new savings account.
  • Membership packages for the zoo, a children’s museum, tumbling/gymboree class, music class, or other family fun activities.
  • Buy a wagon with double seats and sturdy construction.
  • Or, as already mentioned, a gift that is just for the parents or older siblings.

Second baby shower gift ideas on a budget

Hey, it’s the thought that counts-right?  That’s so true.  Adding a second baby to the family, makes time and resources more limited.  There are literally thousands of cool, inexpensive baby shower gifts you can give.

Once there is a second child to care for, mom and dad may feel like
they really have their hands full.  Any help or breaks they can get are
worth their price in gold! 

Give the second time parents your time for
childcare. They will have a peace of mind leaving their precious little
one’s with someone they know and trust.

You can also offer your services before, baby is born. Pregnancy and chasing another small child around, can be exhausting, especially in the third trimester.

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