unique baby shower ideas

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Unique baby shower ideas will add a little something special to an already special day. 

Preserve these precious day with a cast of her baby bump!

ProudBody, one of our absolute favorite ideas; has just won!! Congratulations!

Gender Reveal Party

The idea behind this theme is to surprise friends and family, by revealing the gender of the expected baby!

How to do it: Have the inside of your baby shower cake died pink or blue, keep the outside neutral.  When it’s time to cut the cake, guests will see the color and the secret will be out!   The surprise can be for everyone; including, the new parents.

Plan ahead: Unique baby shower ideas, usually require a little extra time to plan.

Just before mom-to-be, has her scheduled 20 week ultrasound:

Give her an envelope with a stamp and the address of a local baker. The envelope should contain; a piece of paper with your name and contact information. The paper should also include a gender-identification request.

Mommy should give this slip of paper to the technician the day of her ultrasound; and ask that he or she write, boy or girl on it, then seal the paper in the envelope. Have the parents-to-be, drop the envelope in the mail.

By now, you’ve had a detailed conversation about your gender- reveal-cake with your local bakery; and they are expecting the envelope! On the day of the party, with family and friends present, mom and dad can cut into the cake to find out if they are having a boy or a girl!

If you and the new parents know the gender, but want to surprise everyone else: Make a game out of it by planting clues or hints that will keep everyone guessing until mom and dad are ready to share their…

Make it a surprise!  A unique and simple idea

Tie one end of a string to a pink or blue helium balloon.Tape the other end of the string to the inside of a gift box.Give the box to the mother of mom-to-be. Tell her it’s a grandmother gift (so she’ll be surprised). When grandmother-to-be opens the box, the blue or pink balloon will pop out for all the guests to see!

 Unique Baby Shower Ideas for a baby that has  already arrived

Baby Shower Photo Party

They say it’s a thousand. A photo party, or just hiring a pro to capture pictures of mommy and her tummy on her special day, is priceless.

Kari Layland Photography, is located in the Minneapolis, MN region. Her work is breathtaking! 

Check your local directory, get referrals, or do some research in your community to find the right person to take the pictures.You can use the search box at the bottom of the page to do some research. 

Be extra thoughtful and book the photographer to take newborn pictures as well.

Unique baby shower ideas. Host a theme that new moms can really use.

Plan and Host a Safety Party

That will cover some important stuff for mom-to-be. This can be so helpful for new parents, especially if, mom is single, or dad has to be away on business or active duty. It makes a great group-gift too.

Purchase the supplies needed for baby-proofing the home; such as, gates, out let covers, corner covers, night lights and so on.

Gift Idea: Purchase safety supplies needed for baby. Stores like, Babies R Us and One Step Ahead, are ideal baby stores for finding what you need. They also have lots of helpful guides and information on the products to purchase

TIP-Tackle the tasks that are the most difficult first. If you have enough people in your group, divide and conquer.

Have a Nursery Painting Party: Paint and decorate the nursery of mommy’s dreams.

Gift idea for your this theme: nursery decor or furniture.

Invitation idea: use paint-chip cards to make or decorate the invitations.

Here is an idea that I absolutely love from KIWI Magazine: Paint a tree with bare branches or purchase a decal. Leave branches bare so mommy can cut her baby cards into leaves.  

TIP: If baby has an older sibling, designate a wall in the nursery closet that he or she can decorate with their own paint as a gift to the new baby.

Domestic Duty

Gather friends and some helping hands to cook, package, and freeze 1/2 dozen meals so mom and dad can take a break from cooking after baby and mama are home from the hospital.

Gift idea: Baby feeding items- bottles, bottle accessories, baby utensils, baby dishes, sippy cups, bibs, kitchen towels and wash towels, baby food maker, highchair/booster seat.

Make sure mom-to-be has a clean house when she brings baby home. Hire a service, or work as a group to get it done.

Gift idea: Stock the house with some great natural cleaning products that are safer for the environment and baby. Buy an air purifier or top-of-the line, floor-care equipment.

Unique baby shower ideas for him and her  

Have a couple’s weekend. Everyone chip in to send mom and dad away for some R&R before baby arrives. The couple can go alone, or it can be a weekend for group get away.

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