Vintage Baby Shower

Vintage Baby Shower

Vintage Baby Shower: Vintage themes have a lot of possibility, it’s a theme that works for any type of baby shower.

If you do choose to host a vintage shower, consider holding your event outdoors. A flower garden, a large back yard, or any other open space, is an excellent compliment to the vintage theme.

If you host indoors; a porch, a sunny room, or an area with neutral or muted colors, will all make a nice back drop for this theme.

Creating Your Vintage Theme: Look around for vintage baby articles such as, pictures of vintage carriages, cribs, cradles, clothing, booties, birdcages, etc. A vintage baby shower could also be built around a particular era, maybe something from the early 19th century.

Does mom-to-be have a favorite era; the 1920s, 30s? Maybe, she would like a retro 60’s or 70’s party. Whatever style suits your guest of honor, is the style you should choose.

Glass jars make great decorating for a vintage baby shower. Jars can be used in a variety of creative ways. Use them as centerpieces to hold flowers, floating candles, fruit, etc. They can be used to hold table utensils, writing instruments, or any novelties or favors you choose to provide at your vintage baby shower.

A simple idea: Start with a clean, dry jar. Use a tube of puffy paint( also known as three dimensional paint), write some words, draw a heart, or just mark the initials of mom-to-be (hot glue works for this as well).

Allow the wording to dry on the jar overnight or until you feel it’s firmly set. In a well vented area spray paint the entire outside of your jar- allow paint to dry according to the manufactures instructions. Add flowers or a candle, and enjoy!

TIP: You can use hot glue in place of the 3D paint. It’s a little trickier to work with, but it drys really fast. Rubbing alcohol will remove any mistakes made with the hot glue.

Another fun idea:Purchase a case of new canning jars and simply tie tags or small charms around the lip of each jar. Fill jar with ice and lemonade, top it off with a clear plastic straw for sipping.Tags can be used to identify place settings, or used as drink markers.

Here’s another easy idea: Distress wooden frames for a little vintage charm.Use them to frame some of the baby shower invites, or in other creative ways. They also make excellent baby shower favors.

How to get this look:

  • Start with unfinished, wood frame.
  • Cover wood with a thin layer of acrylic paint.
  • Allow paint to dry about 30 minutes.
  • Next,lightly sand the painted wood to remove some of the paint and give it a worn look.
  • Apply a second layer of paint, using a different color of your choice.
  • Allow second layer of paint to dry. Alternate between light and
    heavy sanding, as you make your way around the frame. Light sanding will
    expose the first layer of paint. Sand with more pressure, to expose the
    original wood.

TIP: You can purchase craft frames at most hobby and craft stores for under $3.00.

Decorating ideas and table settings

Get the info on where to find great baby shower favors

If you do plan a vintage baby shower, the essence of the theme calls for glass or china,
instead of paper. It’s best to use serving sets with simple or delicate
patterns.This is also the time for pretty linens that are light with
neutral, or soft colors. Serve tea or coffee in silver carafes, and cold beverages from glass pitchers

Candles, votive candles, crystal, antiques, and distressed wood
can all be used as decor options. Avoid cluttering or over-use of

The invitation is one of the best ways to jump start that creative inspiration, you’re looking for. A Velum Overlay Invitation is a great fit; and making this invite is actually quite simple.(Velum is a transparent paper which can be printed on, while any images under the velum layer will also be visible).

This invite consists of three parts:

  • The back card.
  • The velum overlay.
  • Ribbon or string to tie the layers and look together.

Supplies to make a Velum Overlay Invitation:

(You should be able to find everything you need for this invitation at a craft store or at a local stationary store).

  • Purchase a card stock that has an old fashioned, antique,shabby chic or elegant appearance.
  • Select the velum you like best. Velum with a matte finish and will give you the most ideal look.
  • Find matching ribbon, or something with a rustic quality.Straw ribbon, grapevine, twine, or string compliment the theme.
  • Whole or paper punch

How to make it:

  • Use your computer to compose your desired invitation wording
  • Next run the velum through your printer.
  • Paper punch a center hole, or two equally spaced holes at the top of the three layers of paper.
  • Attach the three pieces together with ribbon or string.

Now you have a simple, attractive invite that’s a fabulous fit for a Vintage Baby Shower Theme!

TIP: You can use programs like PowerPoint, Publisher or if you have the latest version of Windows, you’ll find several templates and ideas for creating invitations.

ANOTHER TIP: Blank pieces cut from a brown paper bag, make really cute card stock for this theme. Brown paper bags also make great vintage gift wrap!

Make a vintage baby shower invitation

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