Baby shower planning ideas

Baby shower planning ideas

Baby shower planning ideas to help make your life, and party hosting easier.

Work sheets for your baby shower planning ideas

1.)Talk with mom-to-be, or your guest of honor and choose a date

for the calendar. Weekends usually work best. The time of day

will depend greatly on the style or type of baby shower you want

to throw. Is it a brunch, lunch, BBQ? Don’t worry too much

about pinning the exact hours of the day right now, there will

be time to fill in the details later. You can probably plan on

the shower lasting about 2- 2.5 hours. Keep in mind, some

guests may linger a while as they’re wrapping up conversations

and saying their good buys.


Keep her mother and mother-in-law in mind when you are choosing

your day. Their presence is often important to the guest of

honor. Of course, if this is a couple’s shower, get dad’s input

as well.

•TIP: Baby Showers are generally given in the last trimester of

mom’s pregnancy (months 6-9). I highly recommend, month 6 for

mom’s carrying twins or multiples. Also, if mom-to-be is

experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, month 6 may be better for

her too. These are two classic scenarios of woman who could end

up on bed rest the latter part of their pregnancy. In both

cases, a welcome party after mom delivers may be the best

option. Just ask your guest of honor what she prefers. If bed

rest does interfere with your planned event, you can take the

party to mommy. Otherwise, a party after the baby arrives will

work too.


2). Ask mom-to-be for a guest list. When you ask for the list;

have your budget in mind. Have a co-host or two, in mind as

well. If you’ve already selected co-hosts-that’s great.

Please, DO NOT discuss money with your guest of honor. Simply

ask for a list of her closest friends and family. If you are at

all concerned about the number of people she may want to invite,

be more specific. Ask for a gust list of 20, 30, 35, whatever

your budget can handle. If mom-to-be has many close friends and

a large family, you should expect a long list. Don’t panic.

Remember, you have the help of others who want to plan and host

the baby shower with you!


TIP: Planning and throwing a baby shower is seldom done alone

anymore. In fact, trying to do it alone can be a big mistake.

The exceptions: a small venue (15 people or less); or the host

hires out for services such as, planning, catering, etc.


The list you receive should include: Full names, addresses, and

phone numbers. If she has an email list, ask her to include

that. It may take her some time to get everything together so,

good thing you are asking her well in advance.


TIP: If you can get most, or all of her guest’s email, consider

sending out an announcement of “SAVE THE DATE”. People really

appreciate the heads-up. You can use a service such as it’s free, and easy to use. Your announcement can

be something like:

Baby is fast on her way, so please save the day. Details will

soon follow. Include the date of the shower, and any other

general info, such as time and location (if known). There is no

need for much detail at this point. You just want people to

mark their calendars.

Keep in mind, SAVE THE DATE is completely optional. It’s a good

idea if, you’re shower is scheduled for a busy time of the year

like- Summer or the Holidays.


3)Choose a theme. Again, get some input from your guest of

honor. Better yet, have a few ideas ready to share.


The THEME of a baby shower generally refers to the look of the

shower, and is supported by the invite, party supplies, menu,

etc. The style or TYPE of shower refers to more to the venue.

Is this a co-ed shower, family shower, second baby, baby

shower, elegant, casual, women only, adoption, etc.


You can host a co-ed (couples shower) with a luau theme.

You can host a ladies baby shower with a tea party theme.

Baby shower planning ideas 6-8 weeks in advance.

Time to get to work on your baby shower planning ideas…

Once everyone has decided what type of shower this will be, and

the theme that will bring it all together, it’s time for

action. If, you haven’t already discussed the responsibilities

of all those involved with planning and preparations, now would

be a good time. Will you be splitting the budget and tasks down

the middle? Do you plan to carry most of the load, while

delegating the help you need? Make sure everyone is on the same

page with the baby shower planning ideas Sign up genius, is a

website that allows you to do group planning with one another

This could be a convenient way to keep everyone in the loop

about the baby shower planning ideas…

You can check them out at


Order, design, make or purchase invitations. Consider ordering,

making, or purchasing thank you cards as well. This is not

expected of you, however, it’s a common gesture of those hosting

a baby shower.


The invitations should be MAILED or post-marked, four weeks

prior to the event. So, don’t delay on ordering, making, or

purchasing the best invitation for your party.


Baby shower planning ideas 4-6 weeks


Start shopping or getting ideas for decorations, party favors,

and the baby shower supplies you will need. If you plan to make

any of the said items, gather or purchase the supplies you will

need to get started.


Baby shower planning ideas for party LOCATION:

Will it be at someone’s home, a church, tea house, restaurant,

community center, or park? Make reservations for selected space

if necessary.

If, there will be several out of town guests, consider reserving

a conference, or party room at a hotel. Guests will appreciate

the option of having their hotel reservations and party in one



Be sure to ask about any hidden charges and specific policies

when booking reservations.


If, you plan to reserve a party room at a restaurant; ask what

their policy is for off-site food. Some restaurants may prohibit

the baby shower cake you had planned to bring and serve.

Many restaurants will allow you to bring your own bottled wine.

The restaurant will usually charge, what is called, a “cork fee”

to do so.

If the party is at a community center, or any other rented

location, be sure to ask their policies on alcohol if, you plan

on serving wine, cocktails, or even spiked punch.

Baby shower planning ideas for entertaining at home.

If, you’re hosting at home, it’s time to get rid of the

clutter. This might be a great time to finish up some of those

simple home-improvement chores too! If you plan to use the back

yard, do the same-

Eliminate clutter, clean-up rock beds and gutters; give a little

TLC to the lawns and patios if necessary.

You may even want to plant some nice flowers or plants. The

bottom line for your home and yard:

Get rid of the eye sores and add a little polish.


TIP: If this is a winter shower, clear some space on your coat

rack or in your coat closet for guests to

hang their articles.


Reserve any rental items you may need such as, chairs, tables,

shade umbrellas, etc. If you have a great neighbor or friend

you can borrow from, now is a good time to ask.

Baby shower planning ideas