Invitation wording

Invitation Wording for a
baby shower

Invitation wording and etiquette for casual baby showers:

Crash course on proper invitation grammar

The invitation announcement

  • First and last name of honoree should appear in the beginning.
  • Day, Date,Time include a start and finish time, if needed (1-3 PM).
  • Location and address of the party. If you’re throwing the shower in a public place, include the name of the facility or business.
  • Host or hostesses;  Your first and last name. The first and last names of any person planning the baby shower with you.
  • Include your contact information; phone numbers, and email address. It’s usually best to have one point of contact, to eliminate confusion. Use your own judgement, of course.
  • Baby gift registry be sure to include all baby store names if, mom-to-be has multiple registries.
  • Include a map, directions, or both. (Google Maps, is a good source for creating maps and directions).
  • Add any special instructions or important information. For example; please bring a baby photo of yourself, or please wear something blue.
  • You can also include a poem, verse, or a quote.

Do you want your guests to RSVP?

Requesting guests to R.S.V.P. is a fairly standard option. Guest responses should have a scheduled deadline, 7 days prior to your event is standard. However, if you’re planning a party for a large number of guests (50 plus), you may want a response request, 2 weeks prior to the Baby Shower.


  • Please respond to: [email protected] or 939-000-0000 no later than August 4th.
  • If, you only need a response from those not attending, use the phrase “Regrets only”.
  • R.S.V.P is french for: “réspondez s’il vous plait.” The translation: “please respond.”
  • Etiquette; is a set of guidelines and practices that govern social situations and general social behavior in an array of settings. Read about baby shower etiquette

Etiquette for ordering and mailing the invite:

6-8 weeks in advance is standard timing.

This will allow enough time for the resolution of any possible errors that could occur during the printing or shipping process.

Even the best business’ can make mistakes. So, it really pays to plan ahead.

4 weeks prior to your event: Mail the invitations

Even if you’ve already sent an optional’ “Save the Date” notice, you want to give people enough time to prepare. Just like everyone, most of your guests probably have, busy lives and busy schedules.

Out of town guests will probably have more preparations to handle especially if they are traveling a long distance.

Addressing the invitation envelopes

  • If, you and all the guests live in the same town, omitting the zip code is optional (usually applies to small or rural populations).
  • If, everyone invited to the party lives in the same state, you can leave that off as well.

TIP: Electronic invitations are fast and convenient to use. I’m a fan of evite, my self. However, if this is moms first baby-the invitations should be mailed to each guest.

Poems and creative writing

You’re invitation wording doesn’t need to be clever or creative. Poems and verses are definitely optional; accurate information, is the most important part of what you write on the invite.

However, if you want to do something fun or unique with your invitation wording, you can follow the link below and feel free to grab any of the ideas you find!

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