Baby shower thank you note

Baby Shower Thank You Note

Baby shower thank you note cards, ideas, and etiquette:Everything you need for writing a proper note of, “thanks.”

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Folded thank you cards, Modern Menagerie: Meadow

Folded thank you cards, Modern Menagerie: Aqua

Folded thank you cards, Beautiful Birdcage: Ballet

Folded thank you cards, Patterned Peck: Bark

Folded thank you cards, Growing Tall: Waterfall

Thank you card, Starry Shower

Thank you card, Mama Silhouette: Posies

Thank you card, Chic Grid: Girl

Thank you card, Chic Grid: Boy

Thank you card, She’s Preggers: Heather

Thank you card, Delicate Gown: Watermelon

Folded thank you cards, Bright Baby Blocks: Medium Pink

Folded thank you cards, Shower Style: Ballet

Studio basics: flat thank you cards, Rattling Off : Taffy

Thank you card, Twice the Love: Pistachio

Thank you card, Sweet Set: Rose

Studio basics: flat thank you cards, Little Pea Pod: Lightest Turquoise

Folded thank you cards, Chic Introduction: Bloom

Thank you card, Nature’s Calling: Precious

Folded thank you cards, Zoo Pals

Folded thank you cards, Fine Woodcut: Ballet

Folded thank you cards, Fashionable Fonts: Blue

Studio basics: flat thank you cards, Cheeky Monkey: Mermaid

Thank you card, Big Buggy: Strawberry

Easy Advice

  • The most important fact about the thank you note is: You send one.
  • Texting, calling, and emailing, are not a substitute for a written note of sincere gratitude.
  • Keep a gift list of, “whom” gave you, “what”  (ask a friend to write this down as you open the baby shower gifts).
  • Use the recorded information to write each guest a note.
  • Your message should be personal and warm. 
  • There should be mention of the gift you received, what you love about it, and how you plan to use it.

 Baby shower thank you card: Etiquette 

Your baby shower thank you note or cards should be mailed within one week of your party.

Writing your thank yous On average, it will probably take 1-2 hours (give or take) to complete the cards. If, you have a large number of people to thank, it’s not a bad idea to enlist a little help from friends or family.

Your thank you message will only need to be 1 or 2 paragraphs in length. You will have an opening sentence, a body (the middle), and a closing. Each note should be signed by hand.

The opening greeting (Salutation) of the baby shower thank you note should be as follows: “Dear Ms. Love”, (Ms. is used to address single/unmarried woman) “Dear Mrs. Love”, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Love”, or “Dear Aunt Mary”.  If you are sending a thank you card to your boss, address them as you normally would. It is acceptable to use, first names only; when the note of thanks is for friends, peers, or anyone you would address by first name on a regular basis.

The first sentence should refer to you and anyone else that was a recipient of the baby gift, “Please allow me to thank you”. You should always include your spouse, or significant other, “Mike and I would like to thank you”. Many new parents will also include their, soon-to-arrive-baby, “Baby, Mike, and I would like to thank you for such a thoughtful gift “. 

After you have finished the body of your baby shower thank you note; You can add any quick or personal thoughts that are specific to the relationship you have with that individual. The next step is to  thank them again, followed by warm words to close your note.

What if it’s the wrong gift or you received duplicate gifts?  Write your card as you normally would; just don’t go into detail about how much you’re looking forward to using a gift that, you intend to return.

What if the gift is a check, cash, or a gift card?  Say, “thank you”, and let them know how much you appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity   Never mention dollar amounts, or the words, “cash”, or “check”.  It’s perfectly alright to use the gift-card term; again, steer clear of  monetary figures and values. 

Baby shower thank you note: Creative words   

Thank you cards for baby shower gifts, are the perfect time to include a short limerick or poem. You can creatively write the words in such a way that, they sound like they are coming straight from baby:

I’m so happy to say, “thanks”, for stopping by.  You were so kind to bring me a gift that, I can hardly wait to try.  I am sorry, I couldn’t say hello or give you a smile. See, I have a little more growing to do, but it will take just a tiny while. Before you even realize how much time has past, I’ll make my way into the world; and you and I will finally meet, at last!

Baby shower thank you note: Sample wording

The following is a note addressed to a close friend:

Dear Paige,

Doug and I are very touched by your generous gift, and want you to know, how very much we appreciate it.  We are very thankful and blessed to have your friendship and love.

Baby Hanna would like to apply your gift toward teddy bears and a new smartphone.  However, mom and dad have already decided to buy a Britax car seat for Grandma’s car!  You can’t blame a baby for trying.  Maybe she’ll have better luck when her first birthday comes.

Again, we are truly grateful for your wonderful gift.  We’ll think of you each time, Baby Hanna goes for a ride in daddy’s truck!

With heartfelt thanks,

Allie, Doug & Baby Hanna Rieder

The following is a note addressed to a friend of the family:

Dear Brenda,

Doug and I are writing to say, thank you for celebrating with us.  We would also like to thank you for, the beautiful baby gift set. 

The baby bath tub, organic wash clothes, organic hooded towel, and fun bath toys are exactly what we wanted.  We can hardly wait to see, the baby enjoy her new tub!

Thank you again for being part of our special day, and for choosing such a wonderful gift for all of us.


Allie and Doug Rieder

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