Free Baby Shower Clip Art

Free Baby Shower Clip Art

Need free baby shower clip art that’s really free?  We’ll show you where to find the best stuff. The baby collection on this site is spam free, with some very cute images.There are additional links leading out of the BabyCrayons site, that lead to more free graphics as well. This little angel is one sample of many that you can find on their site. When you can’t find just what you are looking for, you always have the option to purchase images. is a great site to for free clip art. The selection of images isn’t as large as commercial sites. But, it’s still a cool site. There appears to be over 5000 clipart images, including borders -not all baby related, of course. Best of all…The site is user friendly, straight forward, and there is no spam to deal with. If you do visit the site, you might want to look at the baby boarders, they’re pretty cute.

Open Art is another site for free clips, no hassles or hoops. Grab some free images right now. is a commercial site with free baby shower clip art. There are up-sides to shopping a commercial site, a larger selection to pick from, of course; and on-line support.

So if you’re not finding the free Baby Shower clip
art you really like-you can buy it. Some sites cost more than others,
but, over-all you won’t need to spend a small fortune to get the clipart
you really want. The cool baby shower images are worth a peek.

BOGO Free images for baby showers

We also like sites that have: BUY ONE GET FREE. Plus most of them have free weekly give-a-ways and downloads.

Get the images you really like: offers really cute, baby shower stuff at AMAZING prices-most image sheets are about, $1.00. We think, they’re one of the best deals on the internet!

The site has a huge variety of images for nearly every theme. Most items are grouped so you actually receive several images with one purchase!  You can find images for holiday and seasonal baby showers too.

FREE RESOURCE GUIDE. Free downloads and dozens of awesome ideas…

Do you need free baby shower invitations? Find invitations, party kits, and shower decorations that are free to download, and free to print.

Too cute NOT to mention...

Honeycomb Hollow has free images- the free selection is a bit limited. However, most other images are $1! The quality is fantastic, and the images are easy to work with.

The images are designed by hand, for a personalized and unique style. Baby Shower clip art is not your only option. There are lots of fun categories to pick from, which is fantastic. Especially, if you're planning to expand beyond a traditional theme for your baby party.

Again, the BEST thing about this site, are the prices. If you decide to purchase art, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Click on the banner to visit the site...

Tips for printing clipart

1. Click File>Print... (or right-click on the page or pasteboard area and click Print).

2. In the Print dialog, select a target printer from the drop-down list.

3. Click the Properties button to set up the printer for the correct page size, etc. Set the page size from the Advanced tab if needed.

4. Select the print range to be printed:(Document or Currant Page) Document: Exports the whole project. Current Page: Exports only the page currently displayed.

TIP: Be sure to select a card stock in the appropriate size. Make sure ink levels in your printer are high enough to complete all the cards, BEFORE you start printing. Low ink will produce low quality prints, and do-overs are no fun.

You can choose to make your invitation single sheet, or a double fold(card will fold in half). Adjust your printer settings to the paper size you plan to print. Do a TEST-print on plain paper, rather than your card-stock.

 Get free baby shower printables, invitations, and find our favorite link to free- Winnie the Pooh images.

Creative ideas for your images:

free baby shower clipart pickmonkey

Check out our other clipart pages for more resources and inspiration.

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