Best Baby Shower Ideas

Best Baby Shower Ideas

For us, the best baby shower ideas, are the easiest! Throw an amazing party mom-to-be, won’t forget.

clothesline baby shower theme

The best baby shower ideas, everyone can appreciate- or actually do. This adorable, clothesline theme is from: (pop the web address into the search bar below). See all our favorite baby shower themes

Simple and beautiful compliment one another with these paper lanterns and butterfly’s. You can achieve a similar look with, paper pom-poms (really popular at the moment) covered with sweet honey-bee’s, elegant lady bug’s, daisy’s, or pretty little bird’s.

  • If the shower is for a little baby boy; use old fashioned airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters, or cute garden bugs.

This is a cool idea from:, use a funnel to pour glitter into latex balloons (before they’re inflated of course)!

  • Use helium or an air pump to inflate balloons; this will eliminate the risk of, inhaling any glitter.

Baby shower cake fit for a princess or a prince

Easy and amazing cake, you really can make yourself!  This is from,  It’s perfect for a little princess baby shower.  If your party is for a little prince- change the sugar cones to brown, and the candy decorations to blue.  Check out, cut-up-cakes for more easy baby shower cake ideas

Best for shopping and easy- DIY ideas

We love this shop! They have tons of unique gifts and baby shower supplies. You can shop for the right mint and candy  tins, favor boxes/bags, personalized labels, and the ever, popular- striped, paper straws! Read more about beau-coup and other recommended shops.

baby shower store favors
baby shower-ready to pop

Best Baby Shower Ideas for Making Party Favors

This is a very cool site for all you bath and body crafters! They have  raw ingredients, recipes & DIY tips for: soaps, candles, lip gloss, bath soaks, and more. The supplies are amazing; you can get gift boxes, bags, or any kind of plastic container you need… and its all, at wholesale price, with no minimum to order. Best of all, they provide great instructions on their website! Make your own baby shower favors, game prizes, and even a gift for the new mom.

Baby Onesie Heavy Duty Mold for cold process & melt & pour soap.
Molds can tolerate temperatures of 160 degrees F. Above these temperatures, warping may occur. Top rack dishwasher safe.
Soap is easiest to release 12-24 hours after cooling.
Material: Heavy Duty White Plastic (Not food safe)
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3.31″ x .75″
Cavity qty: 4 bars
Ounces per bar: 4.3

A sweet ideaSimple gifts to pamper your baby shower guests. Give these homemade sugar scrubs as party favors, or as game prizes.

Yummy Shower Favor

Before you start making sugar scrubs…

Here’s some advice:

1. Experiment with small batches and try them out before you invest too much energy turning the scrubs into gifts. I think you’ll love them though.

2. The scrubs are really cute in little glass jars- HOWEVER, I’m not a big fan of glass in the shower, for obvious reasons. You may want to use a nice little plastic or shatter proof container instead…or advise your guests to transfer their scrubs to a plastic bag, e.c.t, before they take it in the shower.

3. Include a short statement of caution on the labels you create for the sugar scrub. Example of wording:

CAREFUL! Surface of shower will become very slippery from oils in this scrub.

Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe:

  • Large mixing bowl and spoon
  • 3 cups white sugar
  • 1 cup plus, 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 10-12 drops of essential oil (Lavender, Cherry Bark, Rosewater or Thyme are some of my faves).

How to make your homemade scrub:

  • Mix sugar and oil until sugar is moist.
  • Add essential oil until you are satisfied with the scent and consistency of the scrub.
  • Add finished mixture to a gift container
  • Label and decorate your container as desired
  • Yields approximately 21 ounces

Best Baby Shower Ideas for packaging your sugar scrub:

  • Plastic baby bottle favors. Attach a label to a piece of string or ribbon and tie it around the neck of the bottle.

You can also use:

  • Baby food jars, or other mini containers
  • Sealed plastic bag placed in a tiny gift box 

More Easy Options

Check out your local craft store, dollar store or drug store. If you have trouble finding matching containers, just mix and match. It’s okay if the shapes and/or colors vary, but they should be close in size.

TIP: Look for plastic, 4 ounce baby bottles at the dollar store. They’re a really cute way to package your homemade scrub!

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Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower

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