Baby shower etiquette

Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby shower etiquette and tips to keep the party in, “tip-top-order.”  It’s true, “the rules have changed.” However, don’t throw out the rulebook- just yet!

For anyone throwing, hosting, or planning the baby shower 

The person to plan and host the baby shower: 

Traditionally a family member, close friend of the expedient mother or grandmother will plan.  Soon-to-be moms with, large families or social circles, will likely have: 2+ plus, “party planners.”

Choose a time that is appropriate for the party: 

Baby Shower {babyshowers} are commonly held: 4 to 12 weeks before a baby is born, shortly after a baby is born; and in the case of adoption,soon after the new baby has arrived home.

TIP: Recruit the other hosts early in the planning process (This would be my, “starting point”- before tt mom-to be). You will have a much easier time with all the party preparations; and a better budget to work with. 

Baby shower etiquette for a guest list: 

The honored guest should compose a list of loved ones, she wants at her party. You and the other organizers will ultimately have to decide who, “makes-the-cut”. In other words; how many people can you afford to invite (assuming everyone gets to eat)? This can get a little tricky- here’s what you can do.

If anyone on the guest list is experiencing infertility: 

Or other related hardships, there is no need to make adjustments to their invitation. It’s important they not feel, excluded or awkward.  However, a woman grieving from a recent miscarriage should first be asked whether or not she feels comfortable receiving a shower invite.  Hold off and sending her one until, you are certain of her wishes.

For parents or couples coping with the loss of an infant, newborn, or late term pregnancy, the rule is always the same, “no baby shower invitation”; unless, the couple says otherwise.

If men and new fathers are on the invite list

It’s time to switch things up and plan a coed baby shower.  You might want to rethink the pink or cute party supplies; and the, flavored lip-gloss party  favors (for the men anyway)!  Look for, bottle openers, small pocket knives, or personal products that are just for men.  It’s OK to be practical and buy party favors that are given to each couple, rather than each individual guest.

Avoid ultra-embarrassing guest list blunders.

Forgetting to invite grandma or other, “VIPs.”  This includes, but is not limited to: Sisters, Grandmothers, Mothers, and any BFF. Invitation etiquette is also, really important. Read more tips on, throwing a baby shower.

Baby shower etiquette:  When you’re the lucky guest of honor!

The most important rule of etiquette: Show your gratitude.

Remember, how blessed you are to have a party thrown in your honor.  There has been much planning and prepping to make it a special day, just for you. Never complain about any part of the festivities. Be sure to acknowledge and thank each hostess, every guest, friend, and family member that attends the baby shower. 

Do you need to bring a gift for the hostess?

The simple answer is, no.  However, most people do bring a small gift to show their appreciation.  It’s not necessary to be elaborate or expensive with your generosity. On average, most women will spend between, $15.00 and $25.00.

Baby showers should never be, “a self-hosted event.” 

New moms or dads planning and throwing their own baby shower isn’t in the best taste.

This doesn’t mean, the happy new parents can’t plan an introduction celebration.  After all, everyone will be looking forward to meeting the newest family member. Just keep the gathering informal or casual; and there should be no mention of baby gifts, or baby shower registries. 

Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower

baby shower paper flowers