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Baby Shower Game Ideas for Everyone

Baby Shower game ideas aren’t just for word scrambles. Many games can be interactive, entertaining, and just plain funny. Get inspired and find ideas from our favorite, “shower-throwing pros!”

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The diaper game is classic, and totally gross shower game 

Baby animal name game is a fun way to stump your guests

Plan games that are creative, unique and lots of fun- That’s is one of the best secrets of throwing a successful baby shower! 

Baby Shower Game Ideas We Love!

Baby Shower Trivia Cards
Badabada Bingo

Exclusive Personalized Baby Shower Trivia Game

Stroller Derby” Baby Shower Trivia Game
Kate Aspen

Guess Baby’s Birthday” Game

Stork Scratch Cards Game
Inklings Paperie

Beehive Scratch Cards Game
Inklings Paperie

Baby Stork Bingo Game
inklings Paperie

Mommy’s Big Belly – Baby Shower Game – 20 ct

Big Dot of Happiness

Mommy’s big belly scratch off baby shower game is a great ice breaker for your upcoming baby shower! Get the fun started by handing out this scratch off and letting guests test their luck. They’ll love the quick opportunity for winning a

Refill Plastic Babies Caucasian – Baby Shower Game – 16 ct

Big Dot of Happiness

Refill plastic babies Caucasian baby shower game is just what you need if you love my water broke game but do not need ice cube trays! No need to purchase the entire game select our refill packs. You’ll receive the same miniature babies ready to hel

Bottles Up! A 6-Pack of Baby Bottles – Hilarious Original Baby Shower Drinking Game – (6 baby bottles)

Big Dot of Happiness

Bun in the Oven Pull-Tab – Baby Shower Game – (20 Cards Per Pack)

Big Dot of Happiness

Baby Lotto – Baby Shower Game – 24 cards

Big Dot of Happiness

Pink Dirty Diaper – Baby Shower Game – 10 ct

Big Dot of Happiness

Our pink dirty diaper baby shower game will cause convulsive laughter at your upcoming baby shower celebration! The adorable little diapers will add a little sparkle to your guest’s wardrobe, that is until the “dirty” diaper is revealed

My Water Broke African American – Baby Shower Game – 16 ct

Big Dot of Happiness

They’ll be hollering and cheering during this fun-tastic baby shower game. My water broke African American baby shower game is a great way to get everyone involved in baby shower fun at your upcoming celebration. Everyone will be eying up each other

Who Has The Milk? – Baby Shower Game – 24 ct

Big Dot of Happiness

Who has the milk? baby shower scratch off game is a great icebreaker for your upcoming baby shower! Get the fun started by handing out this scratch off and letting guests test their luck. They’ll love the quick opportunity for winning a small prize.

Blue Pacifier Necklaces – Baby Shower Game – 12 ct

Big Dot of Happiness

Don’t get caught off guard when playing our blue pacifier necklaces baby shower game! Everyone’s eyes and ears will be in tune at your shower when they know their adorable blue pacifier necklace is up for grabs! Be careful not to do the design

Game Etiquette Does Matter

Choose the best baby shower game ideas:

  • Consider choosing games or activities that are related to your
    theme (if you have one).

  • Factor in the number of guests who will be at your baby party,
    what their ages are, and who they are.

  • Couples and co-ed groups will have different options,
    than ladies group. Small parties will have different options than large parties and so on.

  • Games should be easy to explain, with simple rules.
  • Games with too much stall-time, may quickly lead to boredom.

Avoid games that can offend, or hurt any of your

Keep in mind: game participation from your guests is voluntary.

Good Timing is Important

For example: games with mature content may be best saved for
co-ed parties. They certainly should not be played when children are
participants in the game. When in doubt, ask mom-to-be what she does, or
does not want.

How to time your baby shower game ideas: Common sense should always rule. If your shower starts at noon. There’s a pretty good chance guests will arrive hungry. Unless you’re planning a Ice Breaker Game– save the entertainment until after, your guests have eaten.

A good rule of thumb for play-time: 30-40 minutes. If you go too much longer, guests may become board. You can always incorporate a game during gift opening too. Baby Shower Bingo, Don’t Say Baby, Baby Gift 1-10, are just few popular ideas.

Baby shower game ideas to personalize and print on line.

Personalize, Print and Play Baby Bingo or other popular baby shower games- maybe, you want the latest in new baby shower games…

A-Z game site, is a great resource for all of the above! The best thing about this site: Mom-to-be, will love it (make sure you save a copy for the scrapbook)! No worries on the cost either; it’s a
very inexpensive way to impress mommy and her guests.

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