Unique babyshower games

Unique Babyshower Games

Unique babyshower games are a great way to add fun memories to your baby party… The classic word scrambles, and nursery rhyme games are timeless, and they’re always a great idea.

Most of us enjoy new or unique ideas from time to time. Plus, when something is fun, you always remember it. I hope you find just what you are looking for…

Break the ice 

Take Good Care of My Baby!

This is one of those unique babyshower games to use as an Ice Breaker. It works well for large or small groups, especially when guests may not be familiar with one another…


Give half your guests sticky name tags or hanging neck tags with the title of basic baby needs clearly written out.




The other guests should be given basic baby OBJECTS such as a, bottle, bib, teething ring, burp cloth, and so on.

Have guests seek one another out to find their match. Allow for a few minutes of mingle time, once matches are made.

Later, you can gift the baby supplies to mom-to-be!

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Shake the Bottle

This is a fairly passive game that everyone will enjoy.

You will need 6 plastic recycled water bottles. Cover the outside of each bottle with construction paper or fabric, so there is no way to see inside the bottle. Number the bottles 1-8.

Fill one bottle each, 1/4 full, with the following:

  • Sand or Sugar
  • Rice
  • Paper Clips or Pins
  • Tiny Screws
  • Flour
  • Cut up pieces of Styrofoam or Cardboard
  • Wood Chips
  • Cheerios

Instruct guests to sit in a circle. Provide each guest with a pen and a list of 20 possible answers to what’s inside each bottle. Each guest should shake a bottle, listen, pass it to the next person, and write down their answer. Continue until all 8 bottles have made it once around the circle. The guest with most correct answers wins.

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Too tired to think (a fun baby shower game for couples)

Every new parent has been there! If you have children, you know
what I mean! This game is honor of new parents being sleep deprived…

Have guests write down basic parenting questions. When everyone
has finished writing down their question, gather all of the cards, mix
them up,and redistribute them to the guests with the blank side up.

Instruct guests, not to turn the cards over.

Have guests write down their answer to the question they wrote on
their first card. Collect and redistribute the cards one more time.

Ask guests take turns reading, a loud, the questions printed on the front of their cards. Next, ask quest’s to read the answers printed on the back of their card .


Q: “How do I make a bottle?”

A: “Gently wipe baby’s bottom.”

Everyone will be able to enjoy a few laughs with this one. If
this game is intended for a prize- ask the honoree pick her favorite Q
& A, to determine a winner.

This Little Piggy Bank

This is one of those unique babyshower games that’s a spin-off of, “Don’t Say Baby“.

In this version of the game you place a piggy bank in the middle of the room and instruct your guests not to say one chosen keyword such as: baby, cute, little, etc.

The game begins when mom-to-be starts to open her gifts. Any guest that
is caught using the chosen keyword will need to make a deposit into the
piggy bank!

The game will go on like this until mom has opened all her gifts or- until there are no more coins in everyone’s purse!

At the end of the shower, mom-to-be, will have a cute little bank and some spare change to take home to the nursery. TIP: It’s a good idea to keep a jar of spare change on hand (just in case).

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