New Baby Trends

New Baby Trends

New baby trends; They come, they go, and some seem never to leave… Here’s what’s new in Baby Shower Trends:

Trendy Theme: Modern Mom

Hosting trends have changed. As resent as two year ago, moms and
grandmothers were ineligible to throw a shower for their daughters and
granddaughters. That’s no longer the case.
It’s become quite common for mothers and grandmothers to plan and host
the baby shower.

Themes have gone through incredible changes too

Many new baby trends are found in modern baby shower
themes… The themes aren’t just for baby any more. In fact, many themes are for the parents, grandparents, and mom-to-be.

Some people are opting out of themes all together, especially for a second baby or small groups. Instead, party planners
are hosting a type of mini-shower called, a sprinkle.

An intimate dinner party with close friends, or a casual BBQ party may be a great way to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a new little baby.

Themed shower trends for a modern baby party:

  • Tea Parties
  • Brunch
  • Seasonal and holidays
  • Sports Party (co-ed)
  • Beach Parties
  • Luau Parties/Backyard BBQ

Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, and Halloween are some examples of holiday themes.

If you’re planning a shower that will take place in the Fall;
you’re in luck. Autumn Themes are popular, and you will have no
trouble finding decorations and ideas. “Fall in Love”-or “Fall in love
all over again”(for a second baby) is a very cute theme.

Christmas Shower/Winter Theme

Decorate mini tree with pacifiers(use part/favor pacifiers), and
blue or pink lights. Use the tree as a centerpiece for your gift table. Use snowflakes, snowmen, a Nativity; or anything that makes you think of the season.

St. Patrick’s Day: Assemble or paint a rainbow (use
pastels if desired). Fill a kettle or bucket with gold candy coins, or
baby goodies for mom. Use pink, blue, or pastel shamrocks.
The ideas for seasonal or holidays are endless!

Gender Reveal Parties are a hot new baby trend. Get ideas and watch this how to video for a Gender Reveal Shower:

New Grandparents (or Grandmother) showers: First time grandma and grandpa will need to gear up for baby too!

Co-ed, or a Couples Baby shower are really popular too.This is a chance to get the fathers-to-be involved, or in the case of a same-sex couple-both parents are part of the shower celebration.

Virtual/Long Distance Showers are great for loved one’s who are
not able to be together. Power up your Skype account for this one, and set up the webcam to celebrate. Your group can play games and share memories with mom-to-be. Ship all the baby gifts to mommy before the party, and guests can watch her open each one.You can even ship baby shower cupcakes or cookies, so your guest of honor doesn’t miss out on anything. The Long Distance Shower works for couples/co-ed showers too!

Group Gifting and Group Showers are fun New Baby Trends

Money trees are out and baby shower gift cards (preloaded debit cards and merchant cards) are in! is the easiest way to order a gift card, or organize a group gift. Everything is done right on line, and you can even customize the gift
card. It’s a site worth checking out…

Trending Looks

Get rid of the PINK (or not): While pink and blue are the staples of gender color; many party
planners have opted not to use these traditional hues for their baby
shower themes.

You can find lots of color options for girls and boys that are earthy, bright, soft, or minimal (such as black
and white). Grey is a very popular color in new baby trends. Blend it with pink, blue, or just about any other color for a stunning Baby Shower.

New Baby Trends for

Diaper Cakes:Bio-degradable diapers, and cloth diapers for making cakes and
more. Diaper cakes are getting a lot of competition from other usable
cakes. Designs made from baby clothes, bibs, towels, blankets, e.c.t;
are taking center stage. Can you guess what the buds of this flower bouquet are formed with? They’re little wash clothes- pretty cute!

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