Second baby shower ideas

Second Baby Shower Ideas

Second baby shower ideas with low-stress planning

Timing and ideas for a
second baby shower

Are you wondering if throwing a baby shower
for someone expecting their second child is a good idea? Have no
worries. It’s a wonderful idea. Every baby is special and worthy of a celebration, so go for
it! cards

Send announcement-photo-invitations to the shower guests

You can use any theme for a 2nd  shower, but some of the modern and popular themes are: Sip & See, Meet & Greet, and Sprinkle with Love. Second baby showers are also a great time to host an intimate dinner party among friends, a casual BBQ, or a delicious brunch.

Unique gift ideas for a second baby

Don’t forget older

a Welcome Party after the baby is born, is a popular trend when it comes to the
arrival of a second child. The event can be a simple “Sprinkle”, or
something more involved.

A sprinkle is just as it sounds.
It’s a party where loved one’s sprinkle the new mommy with gifts. Most
hostess’ opt-out of games, and try to keep the venue casual and somewhat

This simply means, the new baby has arrived and will be a part of the celebration!

baby is arriving through adoption, the shower/sprinkle/party, should
take place, AFTER adoption. This is true for first-time adoptions as

Second baby shower ideas for: decorating

free baby cupcake wrappers

free baby cupcake toppers

Keep it simple or go, “all-out”.  The only thing you don’t want to do is, repeat a theme she had at her first shower. Many people choose generic ideas: Cupcakes, balloons, flowers, and tea parties, are a few examples. Mix-in a few baby embellishments (umbrellas, baby bottles, teddy bears, baby footprints and so on) then, hang up a banner or welcome sign to pull it all together.

You could set the room to look like a cheerful rain shower. Paper clouds and rain drops are easy to make from paper. Another idea: create a lullaby theme with paper moons and stars.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, look for small party packs or baby shower kits that can be purchased, “a la-carte.” Thank you gifts, or party favors can be purchased too (and for less than you might think).

Wondering when to host the event?

Similar to other baby shower etiquette, there are no longer such restrictive guidelines. Many moms will prefer a meet and greet, especially if they had one or more showers during their first pregnancy.

might influence the timing of your party too. Babies can arrive early, and pregnancy is sometimes complicated. In some cases, having a party
after baby is born, is the safest bet. So take moms due date into
consideration, and the health of her pregnancy, as you’re moving forward
with your second baby shower ideas..

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your guest of honor, while thinking up some second baby shower ideas:

  • What’s her pregnancy spacing? (i.g. has it been 1 year, or 7 years since her last pregnancy?)
  • Is mom having twins or multiples?
  • Is she expecting her first girl, or first boy?
  • Does she live in another region or at a long distance?
  • Are you contemplating inviting spouses or children?

A party with spouses and small children, might be best
before the new baby arrives. Mom may or may have reservations about
bringing her new baby into a large group. If the timing of the event
crosses cold or flu season-this may be a factor for some mom’s too.

Pregnancies spaced really close-or pregnancies spaced many years apart, might be a better
fit for a party that takes place before baby arrives. In either case, the new-again parents are
likely to need some crucial items before baby arrives. Of course,
everyone has their own unique circumstance.

A little advice

Be certain your second baby shower ideas don’t appear
as, a “gift-collecting-party” to invited guests. If your guest of honor
is expecting again after many years, a small-mid size registry is
appropriate. Diaper cakes and diaper themes are popular and a lot of fun.

Parents whose children are close in age, may want
to for-fit a gift registry. At the very least, there should be no
mention of a registry on the invitation. Again, there’s no, one-size-fits-all.

Second baby gift ideas are not so
different from a first shower. In many cases, the big ticket items such
as, furniture and baby gear will not be needed at a second baby shower. However, double
strollers and new car seats are a popular wish among

Individual and/or group gift cards are great
options. I like, and They make it easy to organize a group, purchase a gift, and ship a gift.

New baby blankets, soft toys, and comfy outfits make great
gifts too.

As with first baby showers, second baby shower ideas
can be big or small; casual, or elaborate. Just make certain, the menu,
activities, and atmosphere accommodate your guests.

Invitations can be handmade, custom ordered, or delivered
electronically. You can check out the etiquette that governs the timing
of sending invites out.

Thank you cards are mandatory for your
guest of honor to mail out. Help her out buy printing or purchasing the
cards. It’s a gesture that goes a long way.

A new baby is so exciting, but it can be stressful and
confusing for a small child. There are simple ways you can help ease their insecurities:

  • Make sure invitations and cards include the name or names of older sibling(s).
  • You may want to ask them if they have any second baby shower ideas that might be fun.
  • Involve
    big brother or sister in the party with a special role or project they
    can do. Encourage guests to greet the older sibling first, and allow
    big brother or sister to introduce the new baby.
  • A small gift will go a long way with a young person that might be feeling a little left out.

TIP: If mommy has already delivered, and she’s breast feeding her newborn, provide her a quiet place to nurse or pump while the party is

Place bottles of hand sanitizer in several places, that are
easily accessible to adult guests, whom wish to hold the new baby.

A sprinkle just for mommy may be just what your guest of honor needs. Again, you don’t need a theme, but, there are no rules against it either.

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