Free Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Free Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Free baby shower decoration ideas you, your guests, and mom-to-be will love…

Easy and free baby shower decoration ideas we love to make

As the host of the baby shower, finding or making your decorations will likely be a big task. It’s wise to start planning this piece of your even as early as possible. Especially, if you plan to make some or all of the decorations.

Just because you’re the hosting, it doesn’t mean you need to drop a bundle to have a beautifully decorated event for your loved one’s baby shower.

Contrary to what you may have read, balloons are still a great way to add flair and color to your party…

Decorating with tissue paper or tulle is one of the latest crazes. Event planners everywhere are turning these lightweight materials into hand-made flowers and pom-poms

Super cute baby shower tips:

Jazz-up boring baby shower balloons, with one of these easy ideas…

  • Before filling with air or helium, insert a funnel into the end of the balloon, and add about, 1 tsp. of glitter or tissue confetti.
  • In place of, ribbon or sting; tie thin strips of tulle to each balloon (gives balloons an, elegant look).  

Free advise from the experts

When you want a little help making your decorations,, and have everything you need.

Paper Source is a great, “go-to” for creative ideas and decor supplies. It can be a bit tricky to find their baby shower blog. Click the link, when the new pages opens, scroll to the bottom and find the, “blog” link on the left. Do Something Creative Every Day ®

Alphabet Baby Shower-Paper Source

A single balloon or small bouquet of balloons is simple enough to do. Tie them to a cute and practical weight, and use this as your center piece for each table. The weights are easy, here’s how to make them: Wrap little socks, pacifiers, cotton hand-mitts, or other little baby items in wash clothes and tie with a decorative ribbon.

There are several ways to craft an hot air balloon. To make one like like the Amy Atlas design you see here, purchase a punching balloon and light netting from a sporting-goods store.

You can find great decorating inspiration by thinking about what a new baby really needs.  Check out the newborn hub checklist, or a complete list of the baby basics and essentials.

Decorate with edible cupcakes, candle cupcakes, cupcake circles and more.

There is no need to preheat the oven, if you want to make these  cute cakes for your baby shower. You’ll have a decoration and, a unique baby shower gift, all in one!

Make them with rolled baby wash clothes, and baby socks embellished with a pretty white flower.-  The shell is simply a silicone baking liner. Etsy is a great place to shop for more hand made ideas like this one.

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Here’s another, decoration and gift combo.  The bottle is actually a large, piggy bank.  The inside is filled with baby wash clothes, baby shampoo, and baby body lotion.

The bottle is perfect to use for, a centerpiece, gift table, or table decor.

Make tissue paper flowers.  We have two simple ways to show you how (you won’t believe how easy it is)!

This is such an easy and great decorating idea for tables and centerpieces: Painted Mason Jar Vases ~ Pour paint into clean mason jar, rotate until
inside is completely covered, pour out excess and let dry. Source: DIY & Crafts

Make a sash or corsage

Don’t forget the extra touches you can add to make the day amazing for your guest of honor.

Decorate a comfortable chair, and make mommy feel like she’s a princess on a throne. Use streamers, ribbon, flowing fabrics, pretty throw pillows and baby decor to make a festive seat.

Decorate mom-to-be with a handmade corsage. I love this idea from Mandy Boyette Photography. Our friends at Beau-Coup, have great, free ideas and videos to help you out with baby shower corsages.

Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower

baby shower paper flowers

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