Baby shower gift cards

Baby Shower Gift Cards

Baby shower gift cards to congratulate new parents, welcome a newborn, or say, “thank you” to a hostess or guests …But, did you know; there’s a whole new generation of baby shower cards?

Now you can go to TREAT– a division of TINY PRINTS, and customize cards for $1.99. The selection is just as amazing as everything else, is known for.

baby shower gift cards

Modern baby shower ideas

In a recent poll, conducted by; Parent’s Magazine. New moms and moms-to-be, listed cash or gift cards as their #1 baby shower gift-wish.

Fun baby shower gift idea

For the cost of a greeting card, you can purchase and even design your own Visa, Mastercard, or other Merchant gift card. Use personal photos or your own unique designs

Gift cards spend just like cash, and because of the designs, many new moms and dads see them as a type of novelty gift… Especially if, you download a special portrait or image (like baby’s sonogram). is the site I always recommend and use. I’ve designed several cards of my own to complement our website. You can see these and, thousands more.

Gift cards make great gift ideas for long distance, and second baby showers (sprinkle showers).  Gift cards are also the perfect idea, when the whole group wants to give something really special.  

Trendy gift card ideas

 *Gift Card Themes are a growing party trend for baby shower planners.

Free printable baby shower cards

There are free greeting cards all over the world-wide-web.
It’s handy when you might need to attach a cute little
card to a baby gift basket, or you bought the baby gift, but forgot the baby card.

Hallmark and American Greeting Cards, are well known and well trusted sites for e-cards, great products and great ideas.

Please download and enjoy anything in our collection of free baby shower printables.

Make your own baby shower cards

Make an easy gift thank you card with this idea from our homepage.

Get even more baby shower gift ideas 

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baby shower paper flowers