Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea

Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea

Find a baby shower gift basket idea for, a new baby, or a new mom and dad.  A gift basket is perfect for a, second baby, or sibling too!

Make your own baby shower gift basket

Baby shower gift baskets online 

My personal opinion- The Giving Tree, is one of the best children’s stories, ever written.  It’s an amazing book for kids and parents!

We love this, ingenious theme. The Giving Tree; New Born Gift Basket from:

The Corner Stork, has a really large selection of, baby gift baskets.  It’s a great place to start when, you’re shopping for twins or multiples. Corner Stork is also, ideal when, you need a personalized gift basket.

Moses baskets are absolutely, wonderful for newborns. Fill it up with, all things cozy for napping. New moms are crazy for these baskets. You’ll know why, when you see one.

This unique, Cat in the Hat moses basket, is from the PBS stores at: has a bouquet basket that’s, way too cute, to open. It’s a fun new twist on a, not-so-uncommon, idea.  

Gift baskets for family members

If you’re shopping for a gift basket for an older sibling, the
gifts should be, specific to the age of the child. Toddlers are most common age group.

Make a basket out of a monogrammed, bookbag or backpack. Add soft toys, books, games, puzzles, a big brother/sister t-shirt or, a super-hero cape! 

Consider, gourmet gift baskets for the new
parents. Use a stylish wire basket, or wooden crate to hold the gift contents.

Include, a nice bottle of wine, a set of wine
glasses (engraved with the year of baby’s birth). Fancy nuts, gourmet spreads, artisan crackers, breads, and fresh fruit are great for snacking.

You can also add a
relaxing CD, parenting guide or, a gift card for a parenting magazine – KIWI Magazine is a favorite among new parents.

Organic baby shower gift baskets

This organic, “Peanut” is from  

Buy a little sweet pea, an organic layette set. This natural, and neutral gift basket is designed by, Kate Aspen. It can be found at; The Baby Aspen Shops and Our Baby Shower Stores.

Ideas for making your own
baby gift basket

A Baby shower gift basket idea; without, the baskets. You can
use a diaper bag, round storage tubs, storage bins, diaper totes, wicker  storage pails, laundry hampers, baby tubs, toy bins, and more.

Your baby shower gift basket idea can be all about: Toys, baby essentials & basics, clothing, organic products, or a little bit of, everything.  

  • A boat-full of baby stuff is cute and ideal for a nautical theme, beach
    theme, or to match the nursery of a new baby boy!  We love the canvas
    totes from, Pottery Barn Kids- Don’t overlook the fun idea to buy beachwear, swimwear and organic sunscreen to this one! 
  • A wagon filled with baby toys and plush little animals is a marvelous idea.
    You can use a Moses basket, a bassinet, cradle, bouncy seat, or any other
    baby gear that makes sense. You can stay with a theme like, bedding, feeding
    time, travel, or playtime.
  • Diaper gift basket a handy diaper caddy filled with, changing supplies will
    be, much appreciated. Purchase a caddy that’s roomy with compartments and pockets. Include disposable, biodegradable, or cloth diapers . Fragrance-free baby wipes for sensitive skin, organic onesie, diaper ointment, a travel changing pad, wet bag or plastic bags to hold dirty diapers. Top it off with, a super-cool toy, or baby keepsake.
  • Brainy Baby shower gift basket idea: personalize a tote bag with baby’s name or initials (if known). Add
    baby books that are, entertaining and educational. Learning toys, a baby mirror, an activity blanket, a Parent-Awarded DVD like, Calm Baby , a CD from Baby Einstein and a matching puppet. You can go to this page to: read more inexpensive gift ideas
  • Baby Book Gift Basket Books for Baby, make a really thoughtul, baby shower gift. The best books for babies are ones that are, durable, like board books. Fabric and waterproof books are also, a big hit.  

Make a book basket gift as easy as: 1-2-3

To make a Baby Book Basket: 1.Choose your favorite book, or a favorite children’s author. 2. Buy a sturdy basket, canvas tote, cotton bag- or a cute little backpack. 3.Think of cute baby gifts, and  toys to complete the theme. 

This is a great idea from You can purchase one of these: cute, little, baby-gift-kits in a variety of colors. Then, you can fill it with all kinds of cool baby gifts and essentials.

Be creative with your gift basket

Here’s another fun baby shower gift basket idea: Shopping Totes. Mommy is going to need them!

Shop at a great baby store (Babies R Us, for example). Grab some items listed on the gift registry.

Before, you go to the checkout with your gifts; find a CUTE, ROOMY and REUSABLE shopping tote to buy

Stuff the tote with all your new baby stuff; garnish it with, fabric ribbon, or a fun gift tag.

Mommy-to-be, is going to love, how practical, and clever you’re baby gift is!

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