Baby Shower invitation idea

Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Use this homemade baby shower invitation idea for: vintage themes, clothesline themes, baby boys, girls, or twins. This style is also referred to as: shabby-chic, rustic, or distressed.

The vintage theme is complimentary; it will go with 
many parties and many decorations. It’s a style that works for
every type of Baby Shower too; traditional, to modern; and everything in between. 

Invitations with a vintage flare are not hard to find. They’re more common on designer web sites, but they can be purchased through, custom card shops too.

The vintage look is easy to achieve. Most craft stores will have what you need to create this type of baby shower invite. You could also check into a technique called, “paper tearing”. It’s a craft that is gaining popularity. I haven’t really tried it out. But, if you have, I would love to hear about it!

Appliques, antique buttons, ribbon, and lace; are just a few
ideas you can use to accent or decorate your cards. How about a
cute, shabby, teddy bear?

When it comes to card stock, I like to create my own distressed
look. It’s so easy to do, mistakes are very forgiving with this card.

TIP: This Baby Shower invitation idea will work as a double fold
card, or a single/flat panel (post card style).

When deciding what shade or color to use. It helps to remember,
dark colors will show a deeper contract, resulting in a more
dramatic look.

Light colors will have a softer, less dramatic look. Either
choice is fine. Just keep your party theme in mind.

How to make it

(Vintage baby shower invitation idea)

  • Create insert cards to put inside the invitations. You can do this  with light-weight paper. Include the details of the party and any baby shower wording
  • Start with a heavy card stock that resist’s folding. The brand I use is, COLORBOK. The ideal paper is one that splits or cracks when you fold it. In other words, the paper is too thick for a simple, clean fold. If the paper weight is too light, it won’t have the resistance needed to cause that little bit of tearing or splitting that you want. Plus the paper needs to stand up to the process of being distressed.
  • When deciding what shade or color to use, it helps to remember dark colors will show more contract- resulting in a more dramatic look.
  • Light colors will have a softer, less dramatic look. Either choice is fine. Just keep your party theme in mind.

TIP: Avery has very good programs for home printing projects. Such as, invitations, envelopes, and labels. You can find free software and instructions on line.

TIP: If I need to reduce or trim the size of my paper, I like to use a straight edge ruler and a paper blade. This method works well for cutting straight lines on heavy or light paper. 

Next, you’re going to need one of the following:

  • A sander block, sand paper, or steel wool to distress all the edges of your card, including the seam. It’s the same principle as sanding a block of wood; except you’re using less pressure, and it feels a bit awkward at first! The results are worth it though. As a last step, use some light sanding strokes over the entire card; it just adds a nice finishing touch.
  • Once you have finished distressing your card, you should have a soft boarder that frames your card. Now you can finish your homemade baby shower invitation with your own decorating flare. I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

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