Favorite Baby Gifts

Favorite Baby Gifts

Favorite baby gifts hand picked, reviewed, and approved by mom and baby. Find the perfect gift for a baby shower, newborns, holidays and more…

best baby gift ideas

From: GoToBaby.com The most adorable baby sweater around. If you’re shopping for baby clothes; you’re going to want to check this out. The sweater for baby boys is just as cute; it’s a soft blue and features a white star on front.

It can be really difficult choosing the best gift for a baby-especially, a first born child. New parents are bound to be a bit nervous, and there are so many things a newborn needs. If you happen to give baby the perfect gift; you and your gift will be remembered for along time. Unfortunately the same is true if you buy the wrong gift. If you are giving a baby shower gift, your gift will be on display. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get it right!

All Modern Baby has fantastic gift ideas! You can find the basics, toys, decor, blankets and more. Their line is featured on the Wayfair Website.  Their baby bath gifts are just the beginning! Boone Ducks and this Grow-with-me-tub; are just the beginning of their baby gifts

Favorite Baby Gifts -or should we say the CUTEST baby gifts…

We love Aspen designs! The talented Kate Aspen has been internationally recognized over the years for her beautifully crafted party favors.

We believe you will find the cutest baby stuff around. The packaging and presentation take
these favorite baby gifts to a whole new level- (i.e.) the octopus is
wearing several pairs of baby socks.

You can find lot’s of creative baby gifts, adorable clothing, and beautiful personalized baby
blankets, embroidered bathrobes, and so much more at our Baby Shower Stores 

Great Baby Gear Gift

Any parent lucky enough to receive this as a gift for their newborn, will understand why it made the list of favorite baby gifts. You can check out prices and reviews right here. Speaking from personal experience; it’s the best baby seat I’ve owned and used! Read more

This high tech gadget can save a life

According to the group Kids and Cars, approximately 36 infants and
young children die every year in the U.S. alone, because they are left in hot cars
. While many of those cases are the result of negligent parenting,
sometimes parents do actually forget their child is in the back seat.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, and yes- it is rare. Good parents with the best intentions for their children, will at some time face one or more of the following: Sleep deprivation, stress, illness, new or unusual schedules… It’s all pretty normal stuff, but it can cause distractions and clouded thinking.

Many babies and small children fall asleep in their car seats and don’t wake up when mom or dad get out of the car. Any parent having an unusual day, may be over-whelmed and more prone to accidents. With out the sound of their child to bring them back to reality-they may run into that meeting they are late for, believing they have already taken baby to daycare.

The ChildMinder system is on our list of favorite baby gifts, because it’s designed to keep that from happening. It
consists of a pressure-sensitive pad, a base control unit
and a wireless key ring alarm for the person operating the vehicle.

The pad is placed beneath the cushion of the child’s car seat and
is activated as soon as it senses the weight of the child. The alarm attached to the drivers key ring will sound if the driver moves more than 15 feet from the vehicle. The pad deactivates as soon as the child is removed from the seat. The system sells for around 70.00 dollars.

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