Better Baby Shower Ideas

Need Better Baby Shower Ideas?

We’ve got you covered. Better Baby Shower Ideas, is an easier way to plan an amazing baby shower.

 We’re excited to share our favorite tips, our easy, yet creative ideas, plus all our favorite baby shower, “go-to” resources. Think of us as, the guide that will help you find everything you need to plan and host, an unforgettable baby party.

Remember, though, that the air quality in the party is also very important for babies, so make sure you have a good air purifier.

Also, remember to check out some of the birthday party ideas from our experts. Make this a memorable occasion for both your babies and your guests.

Happy Showers Everyone! 

Planning the Baby Shower

hello baby baby shower ideas
  • Invitation resources and ideas for baby shower 
  • Poems for baby showers and gifts

Etiquette: Who should host the shower?

  • As long as you are not mommy or daddy-to beyou’re just the right person for the job.
  • Baby shower etiquette has changed and there are more options and flexibility than ever.
  • Today, you will find mothers, grandmothers, and siblings who are all playing host for the mommy-to-be.

Themes: Getting the party started! 

Happy Halloween baby shower! Find tons of festive and not so spooky ideas. Plus, get instructions for making an adorable, totally unique party favor…

Christmas/Winter shower theme and more ideas for planning a baby shower around a season or a national holiday.  Valentines Day Baby Shower included!

baby shower ideas

Fairy tale Princess Baby Shower, Butterfly’s and everything sweet enough  to celebrate the birth of a precious baby girl.

Baby Boy themes

Jungle and Safari

Classic Disney Pooh

Book Theme Baby Shower

Winnie the Pooh has a tummy full of honey and a heart full of LOVE. This sweet little bear has been the theme of many baby showers- and is one of the most popular baby shower themes of all time.  Who could resist?

Gender Reveal Parties

Plan your baby shower with the latest trends, your shower is sure to be a hit when guests realize they get the great to be surprised with the reveal of baby’s gender. Check out other unique ideas for baby parties too.  Is mom-to-be having her 2nd baby?  Plan a,”Sip and See”, “meet and greet”, or “welcome party”.

Second shower “sprinkles”

Make sure you don’t miss out on this…

Where to buy the best party supplies and our FREE resource guide packed with free ideas, games, printable’s, sewing patterns, recipes, and more

better babyshower ideas party kits

Find the basics that are far from ordinary.  Party favors, bags, boxes, containers, guest gifts, pen and paper games, active games, paper products and decorations. 

Baby shower kits and party packs have come a long way!   You can find an entire party inside one box!  It’s one of our favorite baby shower ideas!

Super easy baby shower cakes

Simple ideas for decorating: making your own cake and shower cupcakes too. You’re going to love the, easy-DIY Wilton baby shower cakes we found!

Great gift ideas for newborns

Cool Baby Gift ideas -including how to make your own

better baby shower ideas ideas

The top ten baby shower gifts to give

Cool and unique ideas for baby gifts

Great Gifts under $25

Other cool gifts for a baby shower

For mommy-to-be

For daddy-to-be

For the hostess

better babyshower cute hostess gift ideas

Bettter baby shower ideas –For older siblings


Free printables from better baby shower ideas, plus other great resources for free downloads, free games, decorations, free baby shower cards, baby shower menu ideas and more!

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baby shower ideas free invitations

Invitation wording what to say how to say it.

Please note, all printables are for home use only; and are under copyright protection of Better baby shower!

Download our better baby shower ideas free planning guide. When you’re the one hosting the party~ get easy ideas to help you avoid etiquette blunders and hosting mishaps. Sometimes what you don’t do, is as important as, what you do!

Easy, better baby
shower ideas for recipes

Baby Shower Food: What to serve, and what not serve. Some foods aren’t recommended expecting mothers to eat!

Free idea for sending a memorable
baby shower “thank you” card

  • As
    mom-to-be opens her gifts, have the giver of the gift join her for a picture.
  • Use
    this photo to create personalized thank you cards. Just attach the
    individual photos to the front of each thank you.
  • Every guest will love
    when they receive their thank you card in the mail. What a nice
    surprise, and such a cute keepsake all will enjoy.
  • The other great part,
    (yes there’s more): Mom-to-be gets a photo-op with all her guests!